Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Pandora Radio

 I think Pandora Radio is something that most anyone can appreciate. I had heard about it 3 years ago during my senior year in high school and never really used it until I got to college. Now I don't go a day without using it. Of course they have a certain hour usage a month limit, however, I've never actually reached the limit. I think the best thing that I use Pandora for is studying. I say this because I usually study with quiet music, but I definitely cannot study to the Top 40 list, and making a good play-list on iTunes takes time and effort. Therefore, I usually go for a classical station on Pandora, and I'm set. I also love it for background music when I am just hanging out in my dorm room. As I write this post, I'm listening to a Steve Tyrell station that I love.
I also love Pandora because if I forget my iPod when going to the gym, I can just use the Pandora app on my Blackberry and plug in my headphones and I am set to workout! Do any of you use Pandora? What are your favorite stations? Here are my absolute top favorites:
  • Steve Tyrell
  • Frank Sinatra
  • David Gray
  • Diana Krall
  • Coldplay
  • David Benoit
  • Dave Matthews Band
  • Norah Jones
  • Taylor Swift
  • Kesha
  • Kings of Leon
Have a fabulous day!

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mFw said...

I love it too! So convenient and easy!

Ruth said...

I use Pandora at work. the mid day DJ can get on my nerves and it is so much easier to pull out my Iphone and open the app than switch channels.
My favorite channels are Eric Clapton and Kenny Chesney.

Digitally Delightful said...

I love the KOL Station!!!

living well said...

I love it too - definitely helps me get through the work day!

P.S. I tagged you on my blog!

CanadianPrep said...

I LOVE Pandora. It's no longer available in Canada, unfortunately, so it's been quite the bummer. But I used it all the time when I was working Stateside this summer. It's unbelievable how well they will match up music to create the perfect playlists.

SassyScorp said...

Pandora is the only thing I listen to at work (we get zero reception in here for radio). If you exceed the limit, it's only .99! My favorites- Dave Matthews Band, Lady Gaga, Michael Jackson, The National..and, uh, Broadway showtunes, lol.

LEF said...

I am obsessed with Pandora! Right now I'm addicted to the John Mayer station.

BTW, I tagged you for an award at my blog!

xo Lauren from Lilly and Lacrosse Sticks


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