Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Pittsburgh Classics: The Pittsburgh Athletic Association

"Established in 1908 and celebrating 100 years, the Pittsburgh Athletic Association remains a Pittsburgh icon rich in history and renowned for its traditional elegance and premier style. The Club is located in the heart of beautiful Oakland, where it is conveniently nestled within walking distance of some of our nation's top learning institutions, major medical centers, world class museums, and fabulous retail shops.
Reminiscent of the 16th century Grimani Palace in Venice, the PAA is the ultimate alternative to the typical hotel's cookie-cutter meeting rooms and run of the mill banquet halls." - PAA
The Pittsburgh Athletic Association is in my opinion, the best place to have Sunday brunch. It is a club somewhat similar to the Duquesne Club from Monday's post. It is also another great location for a wedding (see picture above). Many of my family members have gotten married here! They also have lots of dining options, from fine dining to a sports bar. My family does not belong to the PAA but it has a reciprocal deal with my club, so I have been many times! It's right in Oakland (which is where the University of Pittsburgh is located).

Just as the name suggests, the PAA has a huge fitness facility. This facility is used often and is perfect for anyone who works in the city because they can get their workout in before or after work. Have a fabulous day and Happy Thanksgiving Eve, tonight we are hosting a cocktail party so it should be lots of fun! Cannot wait to share with you all about the details of the fun night!


CashmereLibrarian said...

I have not been to the PAA for many years, but one Sunday at brunch, I saw Mr. Rogers!

JMW said...

What a beautiful facility! Happy Thanksgiving!

Pink Champagne said...

What a lovely tablescape!

Scott Alexander said...

Just discovered your wonderful blog! Added you to my blog roll over at the Cable Knit Collegian. Hope you check it out and have a happy Thanksgiving!


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