Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Spend and Save

Being in my third year of college, I feel as though I have learned some
of the "insider" tips to dressing for class and dressing for night. One
of these tips I feel as though every girl in college should know before
they end up ruining any of their nice things! I have learned to buy
shoes, clothing, handbags, etc. in doubles. It sounds a bit ridiculous,
but I promise you I am not kidding. When I buy doubles, I usually buy a
well made, nice quality item, and then the double I usually buy in
knockoff form or get a really good deal. Why do I do something so silly?
Well, after realizing that friends like to borrow things, I am clumsy
at times and lose things, and that "social gatherings" are not just wine
and cheese, buying in twos has become common sense. Here are things
that I buy in twos:

Spend and Save

Spend and Save by summerwind41490 featuring flats shoes

I have a pair of classic patent black pumps. One pair I bought at Payless and one pair I bought at Aldo and spent a good bit of money on. The Payless pair have a name. They are called my frat shoes because whenever I go to any party, whether it be at a fraternity or any other party, the floor is gross and I certainly do not want to ruin nice shoes. Another thing is pearl studs and diamond studs. I have real pearls and real diamonds and I have never worn them out to any function at school. I reserve them for nice occasions or everyday wear. For nighttime at school, I have an ever present supply of faux pearl studs and faux diamond studs. The same goes for a lot of other jewelry in my collection. I also have a nice, large, leather wallet, but also have a small coach one that I use for everyday while at school. I use the small wallet because I drag it everywhere and it quickly wears out and gets dirty and I wouldn't want that to happen to my nice wallet! I also have several Longchamp bags. One is my "going out" bag and I use it at all times when going out. It definitely looks a bit worn, but it is perfect for that purpose. The other Longchamps I never take out so they stay nice for a lot longer. Same thing goes for boots, it's nice to have a pair of inexpensive boots that you don't mind if something minor happens to them. Then you can also have your nice boots that you appreciate and wouldn't want to ruin. I do this for north face/patagonia/columbia jackets too. I pick my older one and choose that one to bring out on cold nights and reserve the others to keep nice! Does any other college student do this? I don't think I'm alone on this one, a lot of my friends do it too! Have a fabulous day!


Diane said...

I do this too! I lost 2 Northfaces at frat parties so I decided to bring a cheaper jacket out with me from now on. Target has some fleeces very similar to Northfaces right now, and they're only $15-30 (I forget exactly how much)

Let The Tide Pull Your Dreams Ashore said...

All classics...I am loving those riding boots! xx

mFw said...

I have a very similar system. I sort of buy duplicates or just make sure what I'm wearing is cheap. I buy going out tops mainly from TJ Maxx and Marshalls. I wear jelly revas to the frats but never real revas. I also would never wear good pearls or anything. I also don't wear my dressier Lilly or anything like that to the frats.

Mallory Ann said...

Hey Girl-
I do this too no worries. I have "Broken Gucci" which is my oldest gucci bag and all I take out. The handle is broken as is the zipper, but why take out my nice new gucci just to set it on the floor in class. As per shoes I am the same way but in Texas we mainly do sandals for frat parties, and I also have my float uggs, a pair of uggs destroyed by paint, water, and dance practice but they keep my feet warm when I have to paint float at 3AM

Lindsay // Vineyard Loveknots said...

loved this post!! sadly i graduated a few years ago... but this brought back memories. i would never ever wear nice shoes to a fraternity party!!!

Buckhead Belle said...

I did the same thing in college and still do it post grad! I reserve my nice things for the office and other occasions and use my older things for the bar.

Lily @ Life, Love, and Cupcakes said...

I definitely do this!!!! I have had so many shoes that are ruined by beer and stupid hunch punch can definitely be hard to get out of clothes!! No one notices how the shoes look in the dark, so it's all good!

Penny Prepster said...

Great post! In addition to what you listed, I often wear my fake pearls if I'm planning on trying on a lot of clothes when I'm shopping. I lost my favorite diamond flower pendant in a dressing room and I'll never forgive myself for it. Some lucky Sales Associate probably found it and didn't turn it in to lost & found!


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