Thursday, November 18, 2010

Take Good Care!

When I was a child, I always wanted "new". A new car, new toys, new jewelry; the hottest, latest accessories. Of course my parents were horrified because they themselves are nothing like that. I would like to place the blame of my thought process on my peers. Now, being an "adult", I fully appreciate the value and treasure of something that is passed down. If you have been following my blog for some time, you may recall a post I wrote back in September about my grandfather who passed away. He was very dear to me and I loved him very much. He had been in the jewelry business his whole life, and my dad worked with my grandfather for a short time before he moved onto his own job. I blame my watch obsession and really all jewelry obsession on my grandfather and father because they both have spoiled my grammie and mother time and time again. There are many things I will always remember my grandfather for. One of which was "his drink": a dry Manhattan. Of course something tangible that I can remember him for is his Patek Philippe watch. It is engraved on the back and is in perfect condition. The watch did not get handed down to me but down to my father. It is such an incredible timepiece not only for the quality and the rarity but because it is something that reminds me of my grandfather so much. I can only one day hope to get the watch passed down to me.
Why you ask do I tell you all this story? In a time where we have endured several years of the poor US economy, it has taught us to value what we do have and value quality over quantity.  This watch is an example. Take good care of your quality items so that you can pass them down. Whoever you pass them down to will feel like they have a part of you that they can keep and cherish for the rest of their lives.
My aunt passed down a Gucci bag that my grandmother brought back to her from Italy. I cherish that bag so much and use it often, but am always extremely careful with it. It is a quality handbag and I hope that someday I can pass it down to my daughter. Do you have things that have been passed down to you that you cherish and will take care of forever?

On a side note, who has tickets for the midnight showing of Harry Potter?! I do not; however, I will be seeing it on Sunday and cannot wait! This was most definitely my favorite book and I have read it at least 10 times. Have a fabulous day!


Cool Gal said...

My grandmother's diamond ring. It's just beautiful. I wear it all the time and receive many compliments.

I think this is a fantastic post as these are the items we cherish most. The value is in the meaning.

Have a great Thursday!

Ally said...

I totally love pieces like that! Every year for my birthday I get something passed down to me (since I'm the only child).. it's a little piece of history and a piece of that family member to have with me forever! :)

Anonymous said...


I read your blog from England, please forgive my ignorance but what is the little pink & green elephant symbol that appears on your bookmark?

Its been puzzling us for a while & we can't figure it out!

Thank you

Anonymous said...

I wear my grandmother's sapphire and diamond ring on my baby finger every single day. It was given to her by my grandfather for their 10th anniversary. My grandmother gave it to my late Aunt Sandra who in turn passed it on to me. I think of my grandma EVERY time I look down at it...I admired her so much!

Thanks for the great true about enjoying the items that mean so much instead of accumulating lots of meaningless stuff!

kayce hughes said...

Great post. I am in love with both the watch and the bag. my daughter and husband are going to HP tonight but I will be sound asleep!

Royar said...

I have many family pieces that are too many to name, but I do love the history behind pieces! It's always cool to have a story to tell about your jewelry!

ACH said...

There is nothing as special as a family heirloom. I have one Grandmother's sorority pin, and my wedding band was bought for my other grandmother by my grandfather. Thank you for sharing your family heirloom!

caknitter said...

Beautiful watch and purse. Looks like you've taken great care of the purse.


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