Thursday, December 2, 2010

All I Want For Christmas Is...

I've gotten so many e-mail requests and even questions on Tumblr about my Christmas list. Every year I make an extensive list for my parents and family. I put tons of options on the list so I'm somewhat surprised when Christmas rolls around! So here is sCe's Christmas wish list:
  • L.L. Bean Norwegian Sweater  I have been envious of my daddy's for a long time. Unfortunately, they only make this sweater for men so I'll have to wear it as a casual over-sized sweater. This will be perfect for skiing and cold days at school! 
  • New camera since mine is broken!
  • Brooks Brothers button down shirts. Unfortunately, the women's section doesn't have a lot of winter friendly options so I'm going for the boy's shirts which I've tried on and they actually fit great. I'm going for plaids, gingham, and patterns. These are great for under sweaters, by themselves, or under down or fleece vests. Brooks Brothers also has a great monogramming option for these shirts as well!
  • Nike Tempo Shorts-- I already have so many pairs and swear by them. One can never have too many pairs! 
  • A grosgrain watch, specifically Brooks Brothers or Orvis 
  • Brown, leather riding boots. I already have black riding boots and brown leather cowboy boots, so all I need to complete my boot collection is a a brown leather pair! 
  • Monogrammed croakies-- I have so many pairs of croakies but none monogrammed! 

  • LL Bean Trail Model Fleece Pullover -- A very inexpensive fleece option plus it's monogrammable. This is most definitely comparable to the Patagonia T-Snap for a third of the price. I want this in the green color with either a hot pink or navy monogram.
  • Going out/"trendy" clothes from Forever 21, I've said before that I don't like to spend a lot of money on trendy clothes so Forever 21 is my one stop shop. I always seem to go for the Love21 label because from what I have seen, that is the most conservative and well made. Another trend I've noticed is the "bling" factor-- I can't get enough of sparkles or shiny embellishments. 
  • Cut out monogram-ring
  • David Yurman (this) or John Hardy (this)
  • new Down Jacket (Patagonia, North Face, Mountain Hardware, LL Bean, etc.)
  • Another LL Bean boat and tote for overnight use in the hunter green color!

For the first time in years, I don't have any one "big ticket item" like a laptop or diamonds or something along those lines. I'm keeping it pretty simple this year with clothes and accessories.  What's on your Christmas list?! Have a fabulous day!


    Morgan Anne said...

    I love your Christmas list!! My family has been bugging me all week about what I want them to get for me this year and you gave me lots of great ideas! From following you, I feel like we have very similar styles! Where did you find that cut- out monogram ring? I have only seen one before at Hand Picked and have been looking for a more "elegant" looking one; and the one in our picture is gorgeous!
    PS. I'm a new blogger and really enjoy reading your preppy blog!!

    Buckhead Belle said...

    That Patagonia retro-x vest in the natural/blue is on my list as well! Why don't they make the cute color combos in womens?? Oh well, I think the men's longer length is super cute with leggings!

    miss mia said...

    Our christmas lists are very similar :) I have been in search of a cut-out monogram ring since last year, but no where around my area carries them. Where did you find the one you have pictured? Merry Christmas!

    erica said...

    Loving your Christmas wishlist. I really want a burberry jacket, but since thats not in anyones budget I kind of want some more shoe ornaments for my tree.


    Whitney and the Preppy Puppies said...

    The ring is gorgeous. Where did you find it?

    Anonymous said...

    Perfect Christmas list! I love every single item!

    I'm going to have to start copying you and order things from the men's departments! I love L.L.Bean, but hate how they never have just basic reds/blues/grays in the women's clothes- it's always magentas and lime greens, which I love, but not for certain things!

    Chippy's Ice Cream Parlor said...

    Great Christmas wish list. I was frustrated b the choices of sweaters for women at LL Bean as well. There is a white fisherman's sweater in men's you might like as well.


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