Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Christmas Pour Homme

With Christmas just a short ways away, those of you looking for something perfect for the men in your life have either had your gift planned for months now, or are now scrambling for the perfect gift. For those of you without a significant other, you can give a sigh of relief. I've always thought that shopping for a guy is a hard thing to accomplish. Of course you can always play it safe and get him a slew of Brooks Brothers button downs, khakis, and ties, but what about if you want to do something different, standout, or special? I have received an overload of e-mails asking what they should get their boyfriends/husbands for Christmas, so here is what I've put together!

For the ski buff:


I am a huge skier; I wish I could go more often than I do, but a little thing called school can sometimes be a hindrance. If he loves skiing:
  • A nice ski jacket. I have had Spyder jackets for years and I love them. They can be pretty pricey (somewhere upwards of $200) but they are so perfect for skiing and come in really fun colors. 
  • If the jacket isn't in your budget, go with more friendly options such as gloves, hats, and goggles. Patagonia makes great skiing accessories but L.L. Bean is just as great! 
    • As for goggles, they are pricey, but again, he will be thanking you when he hits the slopes. My favorites are Oakley, Scott, Bolle, Smith, Anon, and Giro. You can get a pair for as inexpensive as $50, but if you are taking the goggle route, I would go for the ones that range from $100-$150 because they have the best fit and lens options. 
  • A boot bag, ski duffel, or backpack is another great idea, and you can get one starting at around $50. To add a little more personalization and to make it special, you can have it monogrammed, that way he can always tell his bag apart!

For the Sportsman or Outdoorsman:

Good Old Outdoors
This is for the guy who can't get enough of the outdoors or sports.
  • If he loves to fish go with Costa Del Mar sunglasses or a Columbia PFG shirt
  • A backpack and LL Bean boots are great for any type of outdoor activity
  • Vineyard Vines swimsuit for a guy that loves to travel, surf, wake-board, water-ski, etc.
  • Croakies and a good waterbottle are always a safe bet
  • Keep him warm and dry with a Patagonia TSnap fleece or rain jacket
  • Get him a bag to hold his sports equipment. If he loves lacrosse, get him a bag that holds his stick, if he loves hockey, get him one that will hold his skates.
  • A pocket knife. He probably already has a dozen, but if he doesn't, this is a great idea. 
Spirited Enthusiast

Bar ware can be a great gift. Especially for a post-grad living on his own and doesn't spend much on his drink ware.
  • Think hi ball glasses, monogrammed, shot glasses, bottle openers, ice buckets
  • If that doesn't work, a bottle of his favorite drink and a flask will do the trick.
For the one who has everything...
For the one who has everything

In my opinion, anything listed above is fair game. You can never have too many of any of these things. 
  • A watch, go for a brand that isn't too over the top such as Citizen or Invicta. 
  • Beats by Dr. Dre head phones or a new ipod touch mini for the music lover
  • Any type of needlepoint accessory. Classic.
  • Bow tie and cummerbund because you can never have too many formal wear options. 
  • Kiehls shaving products, Cologne
  • Quality wallet, monogrammed cufflinks, hats

Now the real question is, what is he going to get you?! Have a fabulous day!


preppy little dress AKA "PLD" said...

Great lists! Love Patagonia, have worn their jackets for years! Along with North Face...although when I was young CB jackets were the in thing...hee! hee!

Harper said...

all of those are such great ideas!! <3

Royar said...

Yayy French! I love your ideas! I need to get started on PB's gifts!

Ruth said...

great ideas

Jeannie said...

I love all these options! I have no idea what to get my older brother for Christmas, and this gave me a lot of ideas! I had thought about anything from Smathers and Branson, but I'm a little behind on that if I want a monogram, so I think I will go with a watch! This post was a huge help to me!


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