Monday, December 6, 2010

The Holiday

The Holiday is one of my absolute favorite movies and it only seems appropriate that I do this post around the Christmas season! I have so many reasons as to why I think The Holiday is a great movie but to start off, the story line is adorable. I am really not one to be a sucker for the overly romantic films, but this one just gets to me. The second reason I love this movie so much is Cameron Diaz's incredibly cozy-chic wardrobe. It is filled with cozy sweaters, elegant coats, and lavish boots. Not to mention the interior design of both homes featured in the film.  I did a little research and Rosewood Cottage doesn't actually exist. They built the exterior of the cottage and then the interior of the cottage was all a set.
Talk about an adorably cozy cottage. I'm not sure I would love this for my home everyday, but for a weekend getaway, it would be an absolute perfect destination.
This is one of the only shots I could find of the interior, but just look how cozy!
This is one of the many amazing coats that she wears in the film. I did a little bit of 
"googling" to find out that a lot of her clothes and shoes are Dior.
This sweater is just perfect! She pulls off the winter white so well!

I will leave you with one of the songs from the movie called "Let Go" by Frou Frou. I think it has been in Grey's Anatomy as well--I just love it!
What are your favorite holiday movies or movies you love just because of the set designs or wardrobing?! Have a fabulous day!


Preppy Southern Belle said...

I also love The Holiday; such a great movie. It also makes me miss England so much.
Let go was also in Garden State; another great movie! This song always seems to be associated with good stuff.

Beth's Blog said...

I just love this movie too! A little disappointed that the cottage isn't real. :( and I too just love Cameron Diaz's wardrobe, that whit sweater is my favorite!

Miss Southern Prep said...

I love this movie! I agree, it would be fun for a weekend getaway, but I definitely couldn't live there year-round!

Pink Champagne said...

One of my favorite movies, Christmas or otherwise, EVER! Husband and I are planning a trip to this exact village in England someday - it just looks perfect in the movie!

bunny said...

can't wait to watch this!

Becoming Prep said...

LOVE this movie. I think I actually have it. I'm definitely in the mood to watch it now! New blog posted at BecomingPrep! Help me figure out some Christmas presents for the family!

Rachel said...

I love The Holiday! I really wish that cottage was real and I could go and stay there.

Carole said...

I, too, love The Holiday; it's a perfect film for the season. And I coveted the sweaters that Cameron Diaz wore in the film.

Royar said...

I've never seen The Holiday; definitely on my to-see list!

kSm said...

Love this movie! I just watched it the other night for a little pick-me-up!

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