Monday, December 13, 2010

Take My Picture!

The holiday season is a time when many pictures are taken. Usually, this is when you get your photo taken professionally. This especially applies if you are in high school and thinking about your senior pictures and what you want to wear for them! This is also a time when Christmas cards with family pictures on them get sent out and of course, you want to look your absolute best! Here are my tips for looking great in any photo!
Me-- Wearing very little makeup, classic jewelry, and neutral colors/style of clothing

  • Just because you are getting photographed, that does not mean add extra make-up. Too much bronzer will actually make your fact look larger than in reality.

  • Keep your clothing simple-- too much will make the photo look too fussy

  • Just as your clothing, keep your jewelry to a minimum or wear classic pieces only. Too much jewelry will end up looking tacky. However, if you want to wear jewelry, keep it to simple, classic pieces so the picture will be timeless and appeal to all audiences tastes.

  • Stick to neutral colors. No neon. Think black, navy, deep brown. For the summer go with whites, khakis, or pastels.

  • Dark top, pearl studs, a little makeup.
    • Don't go wild with hair styles either. If you wear your hair down and straight, then wear it like that. If you wear it half up and curly usually, then do that. Trying different hair styles is great, but not when you are getting your picture professionally taken! 
    Do you have any tips for getting your picture taken?! Have a fabulous day!


    TG said...

    I love your pictures!! Thanks for your tips!!

    Let The Tide Pull Your Dreams Ashore said...

    Great picture! xx

    Becoming Prep said...

    Just added your button to my blog! Love your senior pictures!

    DB said...

    That's what my mom has always taught me as well. However, after a really bad middle school picture, I learned that black isn't the best for school pictures. There's not enough contrast. I ended up looking like 40 lbs heavier than I was because you couldn't tell any difference between my arms and my torso.

    I've worn a solid blue shirt for all of them since then. Looks good with every background and does great things for my eyes.

    But yeah, great advice. I always see senior pictures in which the girls are wearing really trendy clothes, and they don't look great. You know their kids will laugh at them when they are older. :)

    melifaif said...

    Well, I like a lot of colors!!!!! But, I guess it depends on your look great!

    Leslie said...

    my dad is a professional photographer and i couldn't agree more with your tips! they are perfect! EVERYONE needs to abide by these haha.. simple is always better than adding too much make up and accessories

    Ruth said...

    great tips

    Beth Dunn said...

    Such good tips, another one I try to remember is look straight into the camera, it helps! xoxo

    Tickled Pink And Green said...

    Can I be young and beautiful like you again? Sigh.



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