Monday, April 25, 2011


Several weeks ago, I asked all of you what jewelry I should wear for a formal that I had coming up. Well I have been meaning to post pictures and my jewelry decisions so here it is! I had a wonderful weekend in Baltimore...However, I had to keep blocking out all of the Ravens paraphernalia around the entire city.

We had a great lunch at the famous Pickles Pub. We got old bay wings that were SO good. My mouth is watering just thinking about them!
I loved the fact that many girls from my sorority got asked as well so I had lots of girlfriends to spend the weekend with! This is kNn and I in our room!
I decided to go very classic with a double strand of pearls, an engraved gold bangle, pearl studs in my ears, and deep red nails.
There was a great band that played all the best songs to dance to! The restaurant that the fraternity had rented out was great and right on the water with views of many sailboats--such a stunning view!
I'm so glad I had such a handsome date to dance the night away with! Have you been to a formal recently? I'm really glad I went with the classic pearls, so thanks to all of you for helping me decide! Have a fabulous day!


Renata said...

You look 'Stunning' and I have to say that I love your makeup in the picture you posted inside the Pickle Pub - what are you wearing? PLEASE share your makeup routine with us!!! Also, I love that lace inspired top your wearing - As for the classic ballgown and pearls - Beautiful - Classic is the way to go - simplicity is elegance and you looked elegant and stunning!!!

KatiePerk said...

You look fabulous!

Alexandra Bee Blog said...

You looked gorgeous-- good pick!

Anonymous said...

You and your date looked so cute together!! :)

mMe said...

Very pretty! Your hair looks gorgeous!

The Key Prep on Campus said...

Oh my gosh! I would kill to go to a date party again. But I've discovered the date parties of adulthood are wedding receptions, so it makes up for it a little bit. Looks like you had a great time!

caknitter said...

You two make such a nice couple.
And, you look beautiful, but that goes without saying. :-)


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