Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Townhouse Closet

I get a lot of requests for me to show my closet and since I changed locations since last year, I thought I'd update you with my closet storage. Unfortunately, I have a pretty small closet, so I still utilize under-bed storage as well. Above is right when you open the door. I stacked my jeans on the shelf above for easy access, and all of my clothes are in color order by style. The monogrammed canvas storage bin at the bottom of my closet is great. It is so helpful when moving back and forth from school and it also collapses for easy storage. I have all my boots lining the floor as well as a huge plastic bin with sweats and t-shirts to the right of the monogrammed bin. To the left, there are many hooks with belts, hats, jackets, etc.
This is further back where all of my jackets/coats are stored. Next to my jeans on the shelf, you can find an extra blanket, luggage and totes.
Floor shot.
How do you try to make the best of the space you're given? Have a fabulous day!


Emily said...

I just did a post on this the other day :) My closet at home is SO small and so hard to work with, but this year at school I got lucky and my dorm has 2 closets thank goodness!

xx Emily @

Caitlin said...

Where did you get the monogrammed storage bins??? I think I need some of those for my tiny closet!

Portuguese Prepster said...

I love getting glimpses into other people's closets! yours is very organized! It's so hard trying to fit everything into small apartment closets!

CapeCodCollegiate said...

Like the Protuguese Prepster said - I love looking into other peoples closets! (yes, that does sound creepy haha) but yours looks great!

I think my must have for my closets are definitely the velvet hangers - since slouchy shirts are so in, I have to have some way to keep them on the hangers - and those work perfectly!

Happy Wednesday!



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