Thursday, December 29, 2011

Musical Make-Up, Classy Crossbody, Pricey PJs, Wonderful Watches

Second make-up related post this week... but I just had to share as soon as I saw it!
I actually think this is kind of genius. I am usually always listening to music or watching TV whenever I am getting ready in the mornings or for a night out. Plus, for $50, you also get some Stila make-up. A friend of mine is a big fan of their lip glazes but I've never tried them. I've been looking for a new way to organize my make-up and this just might be it. This is from Urban Outfitters and you get free shipping on $50 or more.
Does anyone have this? Is the sound quality awful or decent? I am not really sure I am willing to cough up the $50 for this because it's so boring looking, but we'll see. I'm guessing it's a bit old school considering it takes 4 AA batteries to run it... who knows, who knows. 
In other news, I have been looking for ways to spend some Christmas money (who am I kidding, I am always looking for ways to spend money...bad sCe!!) I am lusting over this Lauren by Ralph Lauren bag. Cross-body bags have been "in" for a while now and I can honestly say that I only own one which is vintage Dooney and Bourke. This would be a grand addition to my nonexistent collection. 
I have also seen these pajamas floating around the blogosphere recently (clearly I've been online shopping too much recently). They are $660. Please, someone, tell me why you sleep in $660 pajamas?! I am all about luxury, but having to dry clean your pajamas is a little too extreme for me. 
I got two watches for Christmas yet I am still looking at this piece of eye candy. Maybe I'm a little late to the game, but I've never seen this Michael Kors beauty. I don't own a Michael Kors watch because at my school, literally everybody has a MK watch. Well, MK you've won me over with this beauty. My birthday is in 4 months... just sayin'. 
Have a fabulous day!


JCP Eats, said...

I love the RL bag!

CBK said...

OBSESSED with that watch! Lovely!

Rachel from Love a la Mode said...

I don't know anyone who has the Stila makeup case but I can tell you that their eyeshadows are the absolute best. Really dynamic colors and they stay on all day/night without smearing. I'm also taking my christmas money to buy a new bag toady! (Except a metallic gold cynthia rowley tote)

Portuguese Prepster said...

love the watch! I received the Tory Burch Robinson cross body bag for Christmas and love it!

Grace said...

Such a great watch! And the stila makeup case looks great!

Sarah said...

Those pjs don't even look that cute! I swear by my Lauren Ralph Lauren ones - they're perfect!

Cassie said...

That watch is definitely rockin'! I love it!! And I agree, those
pajamas are ridiculous!!

sSe said...

That makeup organizer really is clever. It makes so much sense to combine the two, but I would have never thought of it. I also Luuuuve the MK watch. it seems like everybody has one, but that one is so pretty!


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