Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Must Read & Must Watch

Happy Valentine's day to all! I hope you are celebrate with the one you love, and if not, celebrating with lots of sweets and treats! If you don't have any plans this Valentine's day, here is my suggestion to brighten your day... Head to your nearest book store and pick this up:
The Bag Lady Papers by Alexandra Penney. It is a great book! Seriously, I am not into personal stories but was intrigued because it was part of the whole Bernie Madoff ponzi scheme so that was what initially intrigued me. First of all, I should know more about Alexandra Penney just from her being Editor in Chief of Self magazine and teaming up with Evelyn Lauder (of Estee Lauder) to create the pink ribbon.  Zeta Tau Alpha's get free subscriptions to Self magazines because of the pink ribbon and our Breast Cancer Awareness efforts.
 She started writing a lot of what is in her novel for the Daily Beast literally just days after she found out she had lost most of her money. You can read all about it here.  What I loved the most about this novel is not the drama of her losing her money or of her suffering financially but how a seemingly average woman got to hold all of the fabulous jobs that she describes.

Although at one point it did annoy me that the entirety of the book, she tried to downplay just how wealthy she was-- I mean come on, we all know you were doing very well for yourself AP. Definitely a must read and definitely an extremely quick and easy read! 

If you'd rather watch than read, head to your nearest Target or Amazon.com to pick up Making the Grade.
It's a movie from 1984 which I've had on my radar for a while but never got around to ordering it. Finally, I did and when it came I watched it right away. It's a fun comedy with Judd Nelson and to be honest, the main reason I love it is for the clothing. I mean this movie was set right in the 80's when preppy was "in" and each character has got it down to a science! You can even see students walking around in the background in Bean boots, Norwegian sweaters and colored chinos. It is too fun! Have you seen MTG? Have a fabulous day!


Amanda C. Bee said...

Making the grade is hilarious! Gotta love 80's movies! x

a said...

I actually just watched this on sunday! Great movie :)

Grace said...

That book sounds really good! I'll have to pick it up sometime!

Bethany said...

I read Bag Lady a few months ago and really liked it too!

Alexandra Bee Blog said...

Now I definitely want to read this book AND see the movie!! Alpha Phis get free subscriptions to Self too!

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh!!!!! I love that movie!!! At the end of the credits they advertised that you'd see Eddie and the gang again in the sequel Torista but it turns out they never made it! I was bummed when I learned that.


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