Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Just Madras: A One Stop Shop

There are not many brands where you can find yourself something for any occasion. However, Just Madras has to be one of the only one-stop-shopping brands for summer. I can't get enough! 
 I am currently in the market for a new make-up bag and this one seems to fit the bill pretty darn well. Plus, they monogram practically everything. Major plus.
Kentucky Derby, Carolina Cup, Foxfield? The Ellie has you covered. I know Lilly is the go-to for the races, but I find that 100 girls have the same dress as me when I wear Lilly so Just Madras will help me to stand out and fit in!
When I need to fill my preppy jewelry fix, Just Madras also has me covered.
I just had my formal this past weekend but bEw's formal is in D.C. on a boat on the Potomac... on my 22nd birthday. So basically I need the most perfect dress. I think that the Kimberly in silk would be absolutely perfect, unique, and classy for the event. Hmm... Mom, Dad, are you reading this? I even have the perfect gold strappy sandals to match! 
The Allie is my second pick for a semi/formal dress. The back it TDF. I picture this with lots and lots of pearls and fun gold bangles! 
I guess bEw needs something to wear to his formal as well... I mean, seriously, how cute?
A new working girl, perhaps? Pair this with a navy or white pencil skirt and some fabulous navy wedges and fun cardigan and you are set.
Throw on the Kyle skirt for some Saturday errands or Sunday brunch!
See? I told you Just Madras was a one stop shop! Have a fabulous day!


JR Mazur said...

I got a pair of flats from them and a dress...always get compliments on both :-)

Anonymous said...

I love Just Madras! I think their tote bags are probably my favorite thing from them. So cute!

Anonymous said...

I love Just Madras! I have quite a few pieces from there and hope to get more this summer! I love the seersucker ruffle top!

Grace said...

Definitely need to check them out! I love madras. :)


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