Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Traveling with Charles Doppelt

This cute, pink terry cloth, monogram train case is my travel BFF. My aunt sent cCm and I these for Christmas one year and they are very well loved. I literally take it on any and every over-night trip. Most think it is a make-up case, but cCm and I use it as a dopp kit. Strangely enough, whenever I speak of my "dopp kit", no one, except for my family seems to understand what I'm saying. In fact, I didn't even know why it was called a dopp kit. 

Thankfully, this day in age, I just pulled out my trusty iPhone and it turns out that "dopp" is a fun little history lesson that goes a little something like this: There was a guy, Charles Doppelt who invented a travel kit in the early 1900's, hence the nickname, "dopp". Then it was purchased by Samsonite in the 70's and I guess the word has fall by the wayside. Do you call your toiletries/travel case/etc. a dopp kit? I'm very intrigued... 

Anyways, after posting this cute dopp kit (seriously how many times can I say dopp in this post) on Instagram, I got a lot of e-mails asking where I got it and what I kept in it.. so without further ado, this is what I always travel with... 

These are all my "extras" in case I run out of my main products (click the picture for a larger view to see what each product is.. the bottle on the far right with the black top is actually nail polish remover). The little travel sewing kits have been so handy!

Some L'Occitane essentials and some other random products... I usually don't like any of the products they give to you at the hotel/motel/resort/cruise/lodge/etc. ...I have to use certain conditioners in my hair because of how thick it is, so I am always prepared and backed up with even more (did I mention that I am a total Type A?!).

Not pictured:
  • cotton swabs/cotton rounds/cotton balls 
  • advil/sudafed/benadryl/nyquil
  • Cleansing/makeup remover cloths
  • nail file
  • Neutral nail polish shade
  • mini hair brush (because I have forgotten a hair brush too many times before)
  • facial scrub
  • pocket knife (Because, have you ever wanted to get something open and you can't?! Well, the pocket knife solves all issues)
  •  Hair ties/neutral headband/bobby pins
I keep this thing packed and ready to go at all times, and make sure to restock after each trip. This makes it super quick to pack and unpack because I know I have any toiletry item I could possibly need (gotta love saving time).  

What do you travel with? Am I missing out on something great for travel? Fill me in! Have a fabulous day!


Madilene Lake said...

It looks like you've got everything! One thing I always travel with is a mini makeup bag. I always put one of my older mascaras, face powders, bronzers, etc . There's no doubt when I get off a plane/out of a car that I want to feel refresh my appearance!

Lisette said...

You seem very prepared! I always make sure to pack tweezers too! I always seem to need them when I don't have them! I also always have small Nail Clippers on hand!

shamim said...

Well you've picked everything ! By the way, Is that a persian carpet?!

Grace said...

Wow, you're really organized with it! Great ideas. :)


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