Tuesday, July 31, 2012


Lilly Pulitzer is on RueLaLa tomorrow starting at 11:00am! I never understood shopping on RueLaLa but in the recent months, they have had some amazing steals. From Jack Rogers to Vineyard Vines, I have scored several amazing deals on this site.

The trick is that you need to get the things in your size and checkout ASAP so you can score the best that RLL is offering. If you missed something that you really liked, chances are, they will have a "shoe sale" or "dress sale" with extra merchandise later in the month. That is where I scooped up a pair of Jack Rogers flats for $60, originally $150... over half off!

Lilly is one of the brands that sells out quickly, so it is important that you log in with plenty of time to spare. So, if you don't have a RLL account yet, set one up here, so you will be ready to shop tomorrow!

Also, Ariat is Thursday. I've never seen RueLaLa offer cowboy boots so this is awesome! I really think that they are getting better brands! I have no idea what the price points will be, but cowboy boots are a pricey investment so this would be a great place to find a good deal (seriously, how cute is the second pair from the right). Unfortunately, I'm back in the north and have two gorgeous pairs so I won't be shopping Ariat, but this is where I would be shopping if I needed another pair!

Do you shop RueLaLa? What good deals did you score? Have a fabulous day!

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Portuguese Prepster said...

thank you for reminding me! I completely forgot!


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