Thursday, August 30, 2012


So I have entirely repurpossed the word "curate". No, it has nothing to do with collecting art...and I may have turned it into a verb. I am talking about curate-ing your closet. At age 22, gone are the days, I need Forever21 tops to frequent fraternity parties.While I will still pop into Forever21, I am talking about picking pieces for my closet that are quality, timeless and lasting. I have always had this attitude when it comes to clothes, but I am looking for pieces that I can wear in the working world and outside of work. 

I have learned in the last few months, that when you are looking for quality, you need to expect a higher price tag. That's where the whole "quality over quantity" thing comes into play. I've made several lists of what I am willing to spend on and thought I would share with you! 

A silk-lined, navy blazer with gold buttons is a necessity. It is truly timeless and classic. You can pair it with denim for a relaxed look or a pencil skirt for work. Another great place to find a high quality, well tailored blazer is Brooks Brothers

Structured Leather Bag
This is another big one. While I love my Longchamps/VV Totes/LLBean Totes... sometimes those just don't cut it in the "Real World". A structured leather handbag is the perfect dose of sophistication to add to any ensemble. I love the bag Annette sent me from Pink Tulips and have found many professional and fun ways to incorporate this handbag into my wardrobe. As a side note.. did you hear that in an upcoming Pretty Little Liars episode, someone will be carrying a Pink Tulips bag?! So exciting! 
Perfect Pumps
These can't be too high, but also don't need to be kitten heeled. If you find a pair you love and that are comfortable, buy them in several colors. I think nude, black and brown are the most useful colors. These can be worn for work and play (I've learned that it is almost necessary to splurge on a pair of nice pumps just for comfort-- the Cole Haan heels have Nike Air technology which makes it worth the splurge!).
Signature Scent
I have switched through a ton of perfumes in my 22 years (remember Abercrombie 8 and Hollister August?!), but I have decided to use an entire bottle before I purchase a new one.  Having a signature scent will get people to remember you and when they smell the scent elsewhere, they will think of you. Right now, my scent is Bulgari BLV, but my all time favorite scent is Ralph Lauren Pure Turquoise
Lip Color
My mom always reminds me that I need something on my lips. I really think the nude lip look is unflattering on everyone. Whether it's a sheer gloss or a bright red lip, I always try to make sure to have something on my lips. It warms up your face and makes your makeup look a lot more natural. I love Dior Addict, Sephora  brand lipgloss, Kiehl's lipgloss, Revlon Lipbutter, and Estee Lauder lipsticks. 

What are items in your wardrobe that you have curated over the years? What is the one thing you are glad your splurged on?! What am I missing from my list? Have a fabulous day! 


Portuguese Prepster said...

Couldn't agree more with this post! Although my mom has always encouraged me to buy certain classic items over the years, I always used to pop in to cheaper stores for going out outfits. Now that I'm a senior I spend more time at bars and less at fraternities so I don't need cheap trendy outfits anymore! Love your classic picks..especially that blazer and if those heels are comfortable...I need them!

Anonymous said...

The first fashion article I ever wrote was for my college newspaper, and it was about investing in winter coats. I still ascribe to that today. In the fall/winter months, a lot of time the only thing people will see you in is your coat, and many times they will form their first impression on you from that one encounter.

Plus, you wear a coat every day, and even though you're spending a little more, your investment always pays off.

For awesome coats, I always do my serious shopping during summer when everything is discounted. My most amazing find last year was a $800 (!!!) leather trench with a soft fur collar for only $100.

JR Mazur said...

Oxford shirts and a good pair of riding boots are always good to have :-)

Caitlin C. said...

Yes, yes, yes, I love everything about this post! I just graduated and am in the process of revamping my wardrobe. Throwing away all the Forever 21 tops that had beer spilled on them and transitioning to a work and after-work wardrobe. It's fun, but is definitely taking a toll on my bank account! :)

Unknown said...

I've always been a big fan of a classy outfit or go-to product. In fact, I still have a lot of clothes from highschool (I'm 25 now) because I've always liked the "Audrey" or "Jackie O" look and those looks never fade. :) I think a good leather brown boot is invaluable (my Steve maddens are my fave, Philosophy's Amazing Grace perfume is timeless, medicated Chapstick is the perfect base with Clinique gloss overtop, a good string of pearls never goes wrong, and a good classic leather bag is a staple (I recently acquired a silver classic style Coach purse and just love it and know I'll have it forever). :) There are some of my staples.


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