Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Baring it All

I came across this picture on Tumblr the other day and it brought up a question. The girl in the picture is wearing high heels and bare legs... in the middle of a blizzard. While this picture is cute, it doesn't exactly scream practical

The question is, what do you think about bare legs in the winter? On one hand, tights add warmth and hide your pale legs. On the other hand, some dresses/outfits just don't look right with tights. In some climates, like the South, you can get away with not wearing tights because of the warmer temperatures, but bare legs just do not seem justifiable during wintertime above the Mason Dixon Line. What are your thoughts? 

Have a fabulous day! 

1 comment:

E said...

Sheer nude pantyhose are my go to in the winter. They do a little to keep you warm and they obscure goosebumps.


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