Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Monogramming with Barbour

I posted last month about my Barbour obsession and it hasn't ceased. I mean, it really is the perfect jacket. I have this wild thought in my mind... Ok, well it's not wild at all, but I can't seem to find anyone else that has done this... I want to monogram my Barbour jacket.

I looked into it and it looks like Barbour supports monogramming (see article, here). The website says, 
Last weekend, Barbour’s Soho store hosted a monogramming event offering Barbour New York fans the chance to initial their favorite Barbour pieces. The store monogrammed more than 80 Barbour pieces, ranging from jackets to bags, while guests enjoyed store discounts and refreshments. Shoppers were so excited to add personal and life-long accents to their beloved Barbour products!
I was actually thinking about embroidering it on the left pocket in the same color as the jacket (nice and small). However, I can't decide if that is too "showy".

What do you think? Is it a go, or no go? Thanks for your input and have a fabulous day! 


Bethany said...

Monogramming is always a go! It would look great!

Cotton said...

Pocket is a good idea! It's not as showy as the chest, but it's still visible!

Claire said...

DO IT! If only Mr C would allow me to monogram his!

Caroline Pekarsky said...

If it doesn't move, monogram it!

Miss Southern Prep said...

I say go for it!

Caroline said...

Instead of monogramming it, I would have your initials embroidered in a plain font really small. I think it would make it look even more classy!

cAe said...

I had my Barbour jacket monogrammed (subtly on the pocket) over the summer and absolutely love it! With so many girls owning the same jacket the monogram sets it apart! You inspired me to do a blog post about my monogrammed Barbour (http://lifeinnavystripes44.blogspot.dk/2012/11/monogrammed-barbour.html)!!

LOve your Blog!! xoxo- cAe


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