Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Graduation season is upon us...

With graduations around the corner, I thought I would share how I decorated my cap for my James Madison  University 2012 graduation

I didn't do this, but looking back on it, I would start by drawing a mock-up of what you want your cap to look like. Realistically, your cap is a diamond, not a square when it sits on your head. I didn't realize this so I decorated it as a square. I broke it down into 4 quadrants but the possibilities are endless. 

Then, I found high res photos of Lilly Patterns (and a random gingham pattern) and printed them out. I did a lot of measuring but the darn circle in the middle threw me off. Definitely draw a mock cap and place the circle in the mock-up and then you won't make that mistake. 

This was on a whim, so if you have time, if might be smart to order a vinyl monogram or two. For mine, I just cut out letters than I printed in Word. I found the printed ZTA letters on Tumblr and then got the Zeta crest and JMU crest off of Google images. The Lilly bow was from an old perfume. 

It rained on my graduation day so I suggest getting this laminated or spray it with something that will protect it from the elements because mine got ruined. So sad. 

I know a lot of schools don't allow cap decorating, but if they do, you should definitely do it. My parents could spot me from a mile away! 

Here are a few other I found from doing a simple Google/Pinterest search... 

You can kind of see the top of my cap in this picture. Please note to all ladies out there. Graduation gowns are the absolute worst. Those hoods are bizarre and the hat gives you a bump in your hair and those cords... well you lose them as the day goes on (oops).... but it's the once in a lifetime experience that  matters! 

Did you decorate your cap? Send me a picture and I will feature it in a future Summer Wind post ( Do you plan on decorating your cap? Have a fabulous day! 


Unknown said...

How cute! GREAT ideas!


JoJo Reilly said...

I did the same thing with my graduation cap! xo

Anonymous said...

These are such great ideas for decorating graduation caps. I have already started planning what I want mine to look like for my graduation in May!


Anonymous said...

These are such cute ideas for decorating graduation caps. I have already started planning what I want my cap to look like for my graduation in May!


Portuguese Prepster said...

I just got my cap and gown yesterday and was thinking about this! Thanks for the inspiration!

Casey said...

I did decorate my college cap only because my dad took a photo of some other girl at my high school graduation thinking it was me (and we looked nothing alike).


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