Thursday, April 11, 2013

DC Chillin' Part Deux

I committed to two posts on DC, so here is the second half of the recap (see first half, here). I was only there for 36 hours, but somehow managed to have many meals. 

Like I said, we popped into Edgar which is the Mayflower's newest add-on. It's very modern and very unlike the rest of the atmosphere at the hotel. It's gorgeous in its' own way. One reason to go? The cocktail list. They had an extensive list and they were fabulous. On the left is the bluecoat cucumber collins and the right is the pom-blackberry balsamic bourbon. You can see the ingredients, here ,to make your own. I am definitely going to attempt to recreate these cute cocktails. 

This is a photo I swiped here to give you more of an idea of the atmosphere. Very modern in comparison to the historical, classic hotel. 

I've received many a question about my striped dress. It is a Jules dress from J. Crew last summer. I am in love with the cut of the Jules dress and have it in several different colors, prints, and fabrics (it runs a tad on the large size, if you are wondering about fit. I sized down). Right now J. Crew has a botanical print that I am dying to get my hands on.. it is too perfect for spring. I also sported the tortoise necklace from Shop Crystal Faye! My Barbour jacket made for the perfect topper to the outfit; especially in the earlier and later portions of the day... we all know about my Barbour obsession from these posts here, here, and here! For those that may be wondering, I solved my great Louis debate and went with the Speedy 30. I am so glad with my decision and am thankful for all of you who weighed in on the uber important matter ;)

We posted up at on of my personal favorite DC spots, Old Ebbit Grille for the most delicious baked oysters in the entire world. We were in heaven! Remember last time I posted about OEG?

Then we went to Shake Shack... yes, DC now has a Shake Shack and this was about our fourth or fifth meal of the day. This was heaven for my stomach. This is my before, during, and after embarrassing, I know.  If you are unfamiliar with SS, it's fast food-ish... almost like a Five Guys, but in my opinion, a million times tastier.

No trip to DC would be complete without Sunday brunch at Paolo's. Literally my fave brunch spot in the District. It is right on Wisconsin in the heart of Georgetown. Best brunch and for an unbeatable price! I had the steak with espresso bbq sauce, their fab potatoes topped off with an egg and toast and a bellini!

What else is G'town good for? Shopping... a favorite pastime of mine. It was so sad that Rugby was gone, but good ol' Ralph made up for it with his bright hues for spring and summer. Honorable mentions include, Vineyard Vines, Jack Wills, Kate Spade, Cusp, Zara, Brooks Brothers, Lou Lou, Sherman Pickey and Ella Rue.

Whew, that was a long recap of a too-short trip! DC, See ya again real soon. Have a fabulous day!


Portuguese Prepster said...

ah there are so many things I want to comment on! I love Shake boyfriend lives right near one in NYC and the DC one is just as good! Paolo's is one of my favorites too! Love the dress on you and glad you solved the Louis debate-a speedy is always a classic choice!

Anonymous said...

Ahhhh I wish I had known you were in DC, we could have met up!! I love close to Paolo's and their chicken Caesar wrap is heaven on earth!



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