Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Cover It Up

There are plenty of cute swimsuit cover-ups out there, but my tried and true favorite is a Ralph Lauren men's OCBD (oxford cloth button down). 
I either take my dad's hand-me-downs or buy new... although the hand-me-downs are the best because they are the perfect kind of worn-in. It beats other cover-ups because it can be thrown in the wash a million times and doesn't need to be ironed. It always looks classic and put together and is easy peasy to throw on (similar to the side braid). This was a vacation staple for my cousin, tBh and I.
Perfect Cover Up
Do you rock the men's OCBD as a swimsuit cover-up? Have a fabulous day! 


Lauren said...

I use these as sleep shirts! They are the BEST.

Lauren said...

I use these as sleep shirts! They are the BEST!

Heather A. said...

My new go-to for cover-ups is similar, borrowed from the boys, a men's button up Columbia PFG shirt- monogrammed of course! ;) My favorite thing about these is that they have 30 UPF and block some of those bad sun rays while still looking cute! Although I usually love to get a little sun at the beach, I know it's so bad for my skin cancer prone skin so I try to sport these as often as I can!

Unknown said...

Never thought to wear it as a cover-up! And it looks very nice :)


Christine @ Suburban Charm said...

My husband has just picked up on the fact that a shirt or two of his is usually MIA while my daughters are home...they like the RL button downs too, as well as his rugby shirts in the wintertime (which they wear with skinny jeans or leggings).


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