Tuesday, October 29, 2013

The Porch at Schenley

I am such a brunch girl. There is something so magical about weekend brunches... it's like nothing can ever go wrong when you're brunching! On Sunday, I ventured onto Pitt's campus, aka Oakland, for brunch at The Porch. It's a cute restaurant literally across from the Cathedral of learning. I had been wanting to try it because I pass it everyday and I heard they have great mimosas (and they do). 
University of Pittsburgh's Cathedral of Learning 

Literally one of the best mimosas. I totally judge places by their coffee and mimosas. The Porch's coffee was just OK, but their mimosas had the perfect OJ to champagne ratio (the more champagne, the less OJ, the better, in my opinion). 

The atmosphere was modern rustic and all of the windows made for a bright and airy atmosphere. Lots of yummy items to choose from all under $20, most under $15. 

This is what it always looks like when I'm at the table for brunch. I order at least two different drinks. This time I was tame and opted out of adding a Diet Coke into the repertoire. Oh and I totally peeped at their wine list (at 11am on a Sunday, I know) and they have a lot of options and you can also BYOB ($15 corkage fee). They also have a great happy hour (the second best 'meal'). 

While the service was below par, and the coffee just OK, the fabulous mimosa and my smoked salmon salad almost made up for it. All of the food is prepared in house and the ingredients are from local artisans and farms. 

The icing on the cake were the fresh, hot donuts. Seriously. Yum. 

I will most definitely come back at least one more time to see if the service improves... especially in the warmer months (with bottle of wine in tow) because they have the cutest little tables outside! Have a fabulous day! 



Shotgunsandpearls said...

Their dinner (grilled cheese) is fabulous! I love it there.

PinkSenshi said...

I love these pictures :)


Gramspearls said...

My father graduated from Pitt, and having seen the campus grow over the years, it's nice to know there's a cute place to Brunch next time we visit.

Warmly, Kathleen

Katy @ Classic Katy said...

Can't go wrong with smoked salmon! Where is your dress from? It's perfection!

Lauren said...

That looks like such a wonderful place to dine and I love your dress!


My Life as A Plate said...

I have been wanting to try the Porch for brunch forever, glad to hear you liked it, I need to finally go one of these days!! I love that it is also BYOB!


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