Friday, November 22, 2013


I would say that, overall, I am an optimist. I always look on the brighter side of life and try to be thankful for every moment that I am alive. 

Well... the other day I was having an awful day. Nothing was going right and I was feeling down which is really unlike me. As I was driving down the street, I stopped at a light and saw an older man who was walking with a cane (he was blind). I was stopped right outside of a hospital and realized he was probably going around the block for a walk. He was entirely bald and I am almost certain he was a patient of the hospital's. 

Suddenly, I felt guilty for feeling so bad for myself. Here was a man who had no sight and was a hospital patient who looked like he was enjoying his walk, enjoying life. This instantly changed my outlook on life. Sometimes, I believe that God puts us in certain situations to help us appreciate our lives more or to see things in a different way... this was one of those moments. 

Like many people, the holiday season is one of my absolute favorite times of year. I love the colors, the music, the gifts and being surrounded by loved ones. For me, it brings back warm memories from my childhood and makes me excited for the future. I also try to live in the moment because I know that these special times will be ones that I will remember all my life. 

Besides being an optimist, I would consider myself a very wealthy person. Not the kind of wealth that is attained with money but the kind that you can only achieve when filled with love and happiness. I am so lucky to be surrounded by great friends and family and to spend the holidays at home with my healthy, happy family and friends. 

But I also remember not everyone has it as good as I do. In a season  somewhat focused on presents and consumerism, I try my hardest not to want (it's hard) but to feel blessed and thankful for what life has already given me. 

I think it's important, not only this holiday season but every day of the year, to remember that not everyone is as lucky as you are. There are always going to be people who have it better, but there are so many who have it much worse. 

With that in mind, go ahead and donate your time and money to charities and organizations, but even more so, I encourage everyone to really focus on being nice. Smile. Go out of your way to compliment someone, be thoughtful and caring. Say thank you, hold open a door, give someone a hug. People will notice and just being pleasant could change someone's day from bad to good. This holiday season it is a personal goal if mine to put the merry and bright in everyone's day! After all, it's the most wonderful time of the year! Have a fabulous day! 


Piper Ellice said...

Thank you for the encouragement {especially on this dreary day in Georgia}! I think this is the best message to hear any day, but especially entering into the hectic Thanksgiving/Christmas season when sometimes joy and thankfulness can be overlooked.

Have a blessed day!

Portuguese Prepster said...

Fantastic post. I feel like this so is true here in NYC. Somedays I'll be walking to work in the rain and feel so crummy and then I'll see a homeless person and realize I have nothing to complain about.

linda said...

Well said


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