Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Camel Coat

One night after work, I took a nice stroll downtown to see the city all lit up for Christmas! It's the best time of the year and Pittsburgh does it right when it comes to decorating for the season!

It was a rather warm night but I couldn't resist sporting my Brooks Brothers Camel Hair Coat. I was searching high and low for a camel hair coat and a 'good deal' for this type of thing just didn't exist (and believe me, I searched hard). I'm usually a sale shopper but after months of searching and ordering different coats and  returning them, I decided it was time to take the plunge. My requirements were that it had to be 100% camel hair, the 'right' shade of camel and it had to be long and single breasted. This coat literally checked every box off my list! 

Do you have a classic coat that you love? Have a fabulous day!



Chelsea Oliver said...

You look so classic in these pictures - great choice on taking the plunge for the coat! And you're right, Pittsburgh is gorgeous this time of year!


preppylove said...

I am just dying for a camel coat! So classic and goes with everything. My go-to jacket is a pink J.Crew stadium cloth coat!

Lauren said...

I love that camel coat and the color of the coat looks so beautiful with your hair!


Anonymous said...

Summer I am beyond obsessed with all your clothes and your blog! Really though, Let's trade places for a day. You are the reason I decided to start a blog. With all your glamorous clothes, I was so inspired. Keep it up with the amazing blogging! One day I hope to be just like you.



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