Monday, April 28, 2014

LLBean Boat and Tote

Does anyone else actually enjoy doing laundry? Yes, it's weird, but I mean warm, fresh laundry is definitely one of life's little pleasures for me. 

The other day I was doing laundry and I realized I was without a basket... what to do, what to do? My L.L. Bean tote came in handy once again. Certainly, I'm not the first to use this as a laundry basket, but I cannot tell you how many uses I have found for these totes! From hauling wood to our outdoor fireplace to toting my weekend attire on a road trip, I'm never without one. College guys/girls: these totes are the best for move-in/out... especially for packing all of your heavy shoes! 

What weird uses do you use your tote for? Have a fabulous day! 



PinkSenshi said...

Haha I love it! Thats a great use for the L.L. Bean tote!

Prep on a Budget

Sarah said...

I love how durable their totes are, though I've never had to use them to do my laundry. Haha. Happy Monday!


Portuguese Prepster said...

I've done that!

Anonymous said...

My dog has one! Haha. Whenever I take her along on a weekend trip or she stays with my parents overnight I'm surprised at how much stuff of hers I have to pack up - food, toys, towel, etc. - so I ordered a large one with her name on it and I use it a lot more than I thought.

Casey said...

I use mine for carrying laundry supplies, grocery bags, library books, and the small ones as purses.


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