Tuesday, April 15, 2014


My parents have a pretty big matchbook collection. The other day I looked through it and really enjoyed myself. Seeing all of their travels and fun dinners and nights out documented on matchbooks was really neat. It is also neat to see how vintage some look. I love seeing all of the different fonts and branding that different companies chose. It's also interesting to see who's still in business and what doesn't exist anymore. 

I think it is too funny that they have The Tombs and Third Edition! My dad lived in DC for a while before he met my mom and he used to talk about how he would frequent those bars-- then when I went to school at JMU and would often visit DC, that's where I ended up frequenting, too! Although, RIP Third Edition :(

Linen and Aloe/ Aloha Orchid/ French Cade
Garden/ Santiago Huckleberry/ White Willow

And just for kicks, here is what I've been burning lately-- all those matches, have to have a lot of candles, right?! Have a fabulous day! 



Courtney Elizabeth said...

Love it! My BF and I have started our own matchbook collection, and I can't wait to continue filling it with memories! Also, The Inn at Little Washington...best brunch. ever.

Douglas Trapasso said...

It's a fun hobby! I'm not saddened that smoking is less accepted in restaurants, etc., any more, but it does seem like the decline in smoking corresponds with less interest in this hobby.

Nan // Simply Elegant said...

My parents do the same thing, I feel like we have so many matchbooks throughout our house from countless restaurants and bars. I feel like I mom just picks the up without even thinking twice about it, but it is such a great way to save a memory.
I love the gold exterior of that ralph lauren candle, might have to add that to my wish list!


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