Thursday, May 22, 2014

Jack Purcells

Shirt/ Shorts/ Shoes/ Sunglasses
Remember this post I did way back in 2009 about Jack Purcell's? My love has not waned.  Jack Purcell's are hands down my go-to shoes of choice for the weekend (besides Jacks). They pretty much go with and everything in the casual category. I also love that they dress down dresses and skirts. 
If you're wondering who Jack Purcell is, I'm sure you're not alone. He was a Canadian badminton player in the 1930's. Do you rock JP's? I love that they are unisex, I think guys look great in them! If you are looking to order, note that they run big. I went a half size down! Have a fabulous day! 

1 comment:

rebecca said...

I had been thinking about getting a pair of JP's for a while...but after seeing your style them and after running around NYC for the first week of my internship, I think I NEED a pair now! :)


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