Wednesday, May 21, 2014

What's For Lunch?

So this post might be highly hypocritical, because it's about eating 'healthy'... yet, I'm not exactly the healthiest eater in the world. I don't really diet or watch what I eat but I do enjoy healthy foods. I get a lot of questions about what I eat-- probably because all of the college students are graduating (!!!!) and have to figure out what to eat for lunch while at work. It's hard. 

I'm a huge fan of Trader Joe's. It's simple and straightforward. I also really like Whole Foods (good sushi) and Fresh Market (dried okra, omg), but TJ's is close to my office and it's not huge like WF or FM. 

For lunch, at work, I aim for as low carb as possible. I eat things like veggies, hummus, grilled chicken, salads, cheese, etc. I keep it simple. I also like things I can munch on throughout the entire day. I basically eat all day everyday. Seriously, the cilantro and jalapeno hummus is AMAZING. I go through an entire package a week. 

Whenever I go grocery shopping, I separate everything into small bags so that I can grab portions and run out the door in the mornings. It is a quick time saver during the week and it ensures that I don't eat anything unhealthy like Panera. 

So tell me, what are your favorite things at Trader Joe's? I am always looking to try new things! Have a fabulous day! 



rebecca said...

For a quick breakfast option, I really like TJ's granola bars. They're more filling than your typical Chewy bar, and they taste good, too! (I'm actually about to munch on one on my way out the door now!)

Megan said...

You have me wanting to run to my closest TJ's and try that cilantro + jalapeƱo hummus! Thanks for the suggestion :)

Dress in Sparkles said...

Trader Joe's is probably my favorite grocery store! If you need something sweet, I HIGHLY recommend the almonds covered in dark chocolate and sprinkled with raw sugar and sea salt. Best thing ever!

xo Kylie

hannah g said...

Personally I love TJ's wine! So delicious, especially for the price. And don't for get the cookie butter!

Portuguese Prepster said...

I love TJ's too! I usually eat salads for lunch at work and then indulge for dinner haha!

Tracy said...

I am a HUGE Trader Joe's fan. Some of my favorites aren't exactly the healthiest but totally worth it. The proof and bake croissants are the best for overnight guests or a for a brunch. I can't recommend their spinach artichoke dip enough!

They also shaved coconut chips that are out of this world! I keep a bag in my desk for a sweet mid afternoon snack. I also keep a frozen Reduced Guilt Mac and Cheese in the freezer for when I have to work through lunch.

If you ever buy nuts - for baking or snacking - Trader Joe's is the best place to stock up.

My Life as A Plate said...

I am the same way, I don't diet, but I try to eat healthy during the week and I snack all day long! Have you tried the seaweed snack from TJ's it sounds weird, but is amazing.

CLP said...

I love Trader Joes! My favorite "treat" of their's is their ice cream bon bon's. So rich and only 60 calories each. One (or two) of those after dinner and my sweet tooth is satisfied!

Also, which not TJ's I do like Emerald brand 100 calorie almond packs for work. I great snack with a lot of protein. I get them at Jewel or Target.

Ani said...

Ooh, I'll definitely have o try the cilantro _ jalepeno hummus. I've seen it in the stores before, but I always gave it the serious side-eye. Have you ever tried their speculoos cookie butter? to die for!
xx ani || the ani project


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