Wednesday, October 1, 2014

A Visit to Hogwarts, AKA University of Pittsburgh's Cathedral of Learning

I took this photo this past weekend at the West End Overlook! 
I have this weird, deep, intense love for the city I was born and raised in: Pittsburgh. I have lived here for all 24 years of my life, besides the 4 years I spent in Virginia for college. I love a lot of places in the world, but my #1, 'bae' as the kids are saying these days, will always be the 412 (Pittsburgh's area code). I think the word 'passion' gets thrown around a lot and, in turn, has lost its worth... think about all of those cover letters you have written that have said you are 'passionate' about _____. But, when I think about 'my city', the word passion is the only logical description.

Someday, I may leave, but I know that I will always come back. I think a lot of Pittsburghers feel this way. I know the feeling is one that a lot of people have about 'their city', but I think that it is pretty extraordinary that most of Pittsburgh's residents feel the way that I do. 

I think, with most large cities, you can never fully explore every nook and cranny. I am 100% a city girl and the thing I love most about any city is that there is always something to discover... always an adventure to be had. 
My cousin, Paige, is a freshman at Pitt which is a university located in the city in the Oakland neighborhood. Its' next door neighbor is Carnegie Mellon University and is in the neighborhood chock full of hospitals and museums... also some pretty yummy restaurants... and Dave and Andy's ice cream. YUM.

Anyways, Pitt's iconic building is the Cathedral of Learning, the second tallest educational building in the world. I learned from my cousin, Paige, that the students call her 'Cathy'. I pass the building daily and have known it since I was little... you really can't miss it. Well, I had never really been in it... until now. 
And really, who knew the school of witchcraft and wizardry was in my own backyard?! I was also able to visit a few countries in the span of about an hour via the Nationality Rooms. Yes, Cathy has some very redeeming qualities. I wanted to write this post because I like to share my life experiences, but I also like to share things that make me proud of my city (like this video clip). The Cathedral of Learning combines life experiences and Pittsburgh pride all in one. 

I had three favorite rooms: The Swiss, Ukranian and Austrian. All were very different but so neat! We had some fun goofing off pretending we were professors. We didn't go to the top but I've added it to my to-do list. I've heard the view is amazing! Before we headed to the Cathedral of Learning, we had dinner at Hello Bistro which is definitely a new favorite of mine. It's in Oakland and they have the best salads ever. It reminds me a lot of Sweet Green (in DC) but they have even more toppings and you can get fries/burgers/etc., too. We also had to pit stop at Dave and Andy's because of their waffle cones... SO good. Have you been to the Cathedral of Learning? Have a fabulous day! 


Portuguese Prepster said...

I am dying over the architecture! So cool. I've heard other's from Pittsburgh say they feel the same as you. I feel similarly about the DC area but since living in NYC, I've had to expand my heart a little bit to love this city too!

Stephanie said...

My sister went to Pitt and we have visited the Cathedral many a time! I love exploring the nationality rooms, they're so detailed and the architecture is gorgeous! Great post!

Dress in Sparkles said...

I'm new to Pittsburgh, and now I absolutely need to go here! It's so gorgeous!

Xo Kylie

Nora said...

Hi there -
Love your dress :) Can you please let me know how you find the sizing of the JMcLaughlin dresses ?

Thanks so much !!

My Life as A Plate said...

The picture you took of the city is gorgeous, I have never seen that water look so blue. I recently went into the Cathedral of Learning too after living here for 8 years and was amazed by how beautiful it was inside your felt like you were in Europe.

Ellen | A Pop of Pink said...

Love my school so much! These photos are great. Pittsburgh is truly a treaty city. I love it so much. And Hello Bistro salads are the best (as are their ranch dressing and french fries). Yum!

Ellen | A Pop of Pink

Kellyinthecity said...

These photos are so beautiful! I definitely know what you mean about having an intense love for your home city. :) It's something that'll never leave you!

Kelly | Kelly in the City

Lauren said...

That place looks amazing!


Trish said...

My husband grew up in Pittsburgh and then went to law school at Pitt. We lived in Oakland & Squirrel Hill! I love the Cathedral and spent a lot of time there (and the library, and restaurants, and Phipps, and bus stops, etc.) while he was at school.

Summer Wind said...

Nora-- I am wearing a a size small in the dress. J. McLaughlin's sizing is pretty TTS, maybe a little big in certain pieces. I usually wear 2's in their skirts/ dresss/etc. More info to come on this dress very soon :)

Dreamboy said...

Very pretty dress. I would love to play dress up like that!!!!


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