Thursday, October 23, 2014

Playlist: My Kitchen is For Dancing

I think there is absolutely no reason why you shouldn't have a blast every single day. Regardless of the monotony of daily life, work, responsibilities, shortcomings, disappointments... they're a part of life... but I think life is totally what you make of it. It's my attitude to wake up every single day and have an absolute blast. Because why not?

One of my favorite 'pastimes' is coming home from work and throwing a new playlist on the surround sound speakers in our kitchen, turning up the volume really loud and dancing around. It sounds insane but let me tell you.. it is AWESOME. I am so into music and I get addicted to songs and play them non-stop until I tire of them. It's the best feeling when I find an incredible song.  It instantly makes a bad day 10x better and who doesn't love to listen to their latest playlist on surround sound? 

I saw the above image on Pinterest and knew I had to share because it is so 'me'. Then I also felt that I needed to make and share an awesome 'dance in the kitchen' playlist. I've been killing it with my playlists lately and have so many great songs. So here they are... happy dancing! 

Someone needs to produce a runway show to this one. 

Her latest album, 1989, drops October 27th. YES. 

Kanye- The Chainsmokers 

Mess is Mine- Vance Joy 
This doesn't really have a super 'happy' vibe, but it is SO good when blasted and the chorus is perfect for kitchen dancing ;) This is also awesome for driving with the windows/sunroof down. Also, the music video is beyond bizarre. 

All of You- Peter Thomas ft. Betty Who
Somebody loves by Betty Who is another super fun one, too. 

Let Me In- GroupLove
I mean.. TFIOS. Best part of the movie... plane scene when Hazel says 'we're just friends' and Augustus says, 'Well, she is, I'm not'. SO CUTE. 

Like Me- Jake Miller 
Really, any of his songs are 'dance in the kitchen' types. 

Sunset- Kid Ink
I also really love Hello World.

Rude- Timeflies
I'm actually obsessed with Timeflies. I have a major crush on Cal. Basically Timeflies songs are great when getting ready to 'go out', while working out, or while kitchen dancing (which I've now turned into a verb). Honorable Mentions: I Gotta Feeling, Ride, SMFWU

Coming Over- James Hersey 
There are three different version I have found. I love the acoustic version and the remixed one, too. 

That's What's Up- Lennon and Maisy
I'm super behind with this one. These two young girls are incredible. A little hippy for my taste, but I appreciate their musical abilities and talent. This Edward Sharp cover is so darn good. 2:40 and on is the best part! The girls are on Nashville. I've never seen the show, but this song is awesome as are the words. 

All About You- Hillary Duff
Lizzie McGuire's back! #GirlPower 

Feel Again- One Republic

Do you have any song recommendations? Have a fabulous day! 



Anonymous said...

Love this post! You just made my work day go that much faster!! Feel free to post more suggestions- I'm loving Betty Who

Unknown said...

Love this! I will have to check out the songs you recommended. I definitely agree dancing makes you feel 10X better. This week has been rough, so I need to take your advice and dance it out when I get home.

Lauren said...

I am the exact same way with songs and love to dance around to them - it is the best way for me to pull myself out of a bad mood!


Jubilee said...

The new Calvin Harris ft. Elie Goulding (loveee her voice) "Outside" is great!


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