Thursday, October 9, 2014

Weekly Randoms

You know the drill... random things found on the net, random bits and pieces about my week, random things I'm loving and anything else on my mind. Here we go... 

My bff Dana and I re-watched TFIOS this past weekend. SO. Good. It inspired me to start another John Green book, Looking for Alaska. I'm hoping it is as good as TFIOS. I love JG because his books are really quick and easy to read. Great for reading right before bed after a long day and your brain can't handle 'too much'. 

I'm still obsessed with my Nespresso. One of my best purchases and makes lounging in bed on lazy weekend mornings even better. I'm also obsessed with blankets/covers (kind of weird, I know). We had a super cold spell this past weekend and it reminded me how much I rely on my fluffy blankets in the winter. The Company Store is a great resource if you are looking for amazing 'covers' as I like to call them. I have so many of their down and down alternative blankets.
Sometimes in the winter, I will literally pile blankets on top of me until you can barely tell I'm in my bed... kind of like TSwift.... 

Patagonia fleeces were definitely a phase I didn't grow out of after college. From vests to pull overs to jackets, I have Patagonia everything. It's super casual but that's kind of what I love about it. I think I get the most wear out of my retro x vest and my snap t pull over. Do you a favorite Patagonia fleece? Also soon to come: my new makeup routine. I got an awesome package from Bare Minerals and I cannot wait to share with you all this new routine of mine! 

My parents have Spode everything and it is just about my favorite type of dish ware ever. We have the woodland creatures, which I love (especially for fall/Thanksgiving time) but the blue Italian pattern is my all time favorite. You know you are getting old when you actually think about things like dinnerware. Like, what??? 

I'm a big fan of brands that write personal notes to their shoppers. Brooks Brothers always does this and I appreciate the gesture. Not to mention, I am 100% a fan of a hand written letter for any reason. I'm convinced that the art of a handwritten letter is not lost and appreciate that BB is still striving to uphold the tradition. 

One of my friends introduced me to Kid Ink. New favorite, for sure. Reminds me a little of Timeflies (obsessed) and this is the perfect song to get your work out going or for blasting with the windows down.

I know it's only October, but my Gift Guide board is back and in action on Summer Wind. This was a big hit last year so I thought I'd bring it back again. You'll find anything and everything that I come across that I would deem a good gift... I even include stuff for the guys and great stocking stuffer ideas. I'm a big believer in shopping early for holiday gifts. I actually shop year round to make sure I get the best deals and also the best gifts for everyone. Not to mention, there is nothing worse than being in a scramble for a gift last minute. 

Can we also take a moment to discuss how awesome these gloves are? Of course I'm not ready for glove weather... I mean, I'm never ready for glove weather, but if it's going to be cold, I might as well have some awesome cold weather accessories. 

Anything in particular that you are loving this week? Have a fabulous day! 



Portuguese Prepster said...

oo the gift board looks good! I'm with you on patagonia, my office is so casual that in the dead of winter last year, I even wore them to work sometimes!

Unknown said...

I loved Looking For Alaska!

Lauren said...

I have been meaning to read Looking For Alaska, I have heard such good things about it! I also really love your pajama shorts!


Seersucker Sass said...

I am super guilty of wrapping myself in a blanket year round, but especially in the winter. I currently have my legs wrapped up in a big fleece blanket under my desk at work... Oops! Haha :)

XX, SS || A Little Seersucker Sass

Violet Clouds said...

I grew up where they make Spode! Production was moved elsewhere for a while but they working to bring it back to the area.
I prefer Looking for Alaska of the two JG books)

Violet x

Lucy said...

What color duvet is that? There are 2 blues available. One from the spring and one from the fall collection at the company store

Summer Wind said...

Hi Lucy! I am pretty sure it is the deep blue hue.

Lucy said...

Thanks so much for responding:) I really enjoy your blog and it's right up my alley as I am a Northeast skier and boater (CT) too. Thanks for all the great tips and inspiration and keep up the great writing!<3


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