Friday, November 14, 2014

Giant Scarves

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In my mind, there is nothing chicer or more luxurious than a cashmere wrap or scarf. There is nothing I love more than cozying up with cashmere sweaters and then bundling even more with a giant scarf. When shopping for scarves, I tend to go the 'wrap' route. In my mind, the bigger the better. For traveling, I always have a cashmere scarf with me. I have one from Club Monaco that I take on every plane. It's large enough to be a small blanket and is my best friend in frigid temps. 

I usually tend to go for camels and grays with scarves because of their versatility, but I just recently purchased this scarf (now 25% off using code SHOPNOW) in the rose blossom color for a pop during the super gray months. It's absolutely massive and I kind of love it. In the past two years since I've graduated from college, I kind of had to reevaluate my winter wardrobe. Virginia was cold and would snow occasionally, but Pittsburgh takes frigid to a whole new level. Scarves, hats, gloves, boots... any and every winter accessory is absolutely necessary if you want to step foot outside your house between December and March. It just happens that it snowed yesterday. Crazy. 

If you're looking for tons of different options, Nordstrom is the place to browse. They have so many different colors and styles. Not to mention, they have price points that work with every budget. 

And my last resource for great scarves? Talbots. They are currently having their huge Friends and Family sale. This plaid cashmere scarf is one of my absolute favorites. Since it's gotten too cold to wear my trench, I have a navy duffel coat that pairs beautifully with this scarf! Have a fabulous day! 



sa said...

I agree! I love any scarf that can secretly double as a blanket, while still looking chic!

Sarah Wissinger said...

Scarves are a must for Pittsburgh winters! Hope this year isn't as cold as last year :)



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