Friday, January 2, 2015

Black & Yellow

So here's a fun little back story about this post.... this content was meant to go in my 'Lately' post from earlier this week... however, I got carried away with the Pittsburgh references (see above as it is my phone background) and so I realized it had no place being in my 'Lately' blog post and deserved its own post. It also felt very appropriate to worship Pittsburgh the day before we play the Ravens (at home) in the first round of the play offs. Holy smokes. HERE WE GO. 

So here's me, being a Yinzer... (I didn't edit this-- this is just copied and pasted straight from the original post)... ready, set, go.

I'm super into my hometown, Pittsburgh (if you couldn't tell). I'm also really into coffee table books (isn't that like a blogger requirement or something?). I think a person's coffee table book collection can say a lot about them. I don't have any Pittsburgh books, so I've ordered a few to add to my collection! 

While we're on the subject of Pittsburgh... If you haven't heard by now, we run the north. In Pittsburgh fashion (that's a joke, because Pittsburgh fashion is literally nonexistent...and this time, I am appropriately using 'literally'), this is a trend I can actually get behind. Sorry, I'll stop. My yinzer is showing. Oh well, another tee to fuel/pair with my leggings + sneaks habit

Andddd about the 15th mention of Pittsburgh in this post (see what I was talking about?). But I mean seriously, how can anyone resist these Pittsburgh skyline leggings from Lululemon. I about fell over in the store. FYI, if you are looking for them, call the store on Walnut street in Shadyside. #YinzersHelpingYinzers. Ok. I'll really stop now, promise. Hope yinz have a fabulous day n'at! 



Anonymous said...

Go Ravens!

Ellen | A Pop of Pink said...

TOTALLY need those Pittsburgh leggings! I may be giving the store a call when I head back to school on Sunday. They are awesome. Go Steelers!

Ellen | A Pop of Pink

Dana said...

I'm sure you know how I feel about this post;) Happy New Year, girlfriend! Looking forward to seeing all you do in 2015!

Pink Champagne Problems

Seersucker Sass said...

I'm not from Pittsburgh, but I love those leggings! So cute!

XX, SS || A Little Seersucker Sass

Shannon Falzon said...

While I am from Houston and stuck in my ways of loving college football more than the NFL (Gig Em Aggies), my boyfriend is the BIGGEST Steelers fan. He always gives me a hard time for reading blogs while he watches Sunday night football (always multitasking)...but the moment I shared you were a Steelers fan he has changed his ways (and may have a small crush HA).

Farrah said...

The other day I saw a billboard that said something about Southwest flying into Pittsburgh and I thought why would this be a good thing, but after seeing your posts, I think it is after reading your posts.

Tay and Co said...

Loving the PGH posts Sydney! I started my own blog!

Thanks again for showing around my new city!


Tay & Co

Samantha said...

Oh, how I miss Pittsburgh!!! My husband is a native Pittsburgher & we lived there for awhile before we had to move for his job… Miss it sooo much. Hated that game tonight :(


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