Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Must Watch YouTube Videos

Whether you're ready or not, video is 'the thing' of 2015. It's nothing new, of course, but you're going to fall behind in the marketing/blog/ad world if you're not getting down with video. I'm really trying hard to learn about creating great video content and bring some fresh videos to Summer Wind in 2015 (see one of my past videos here). Any tips are welcome! So what better to share some of my favorite current videos. Whether funny, shocking or touching, they're all worth the watch.

If you only watch one thing, make it this. It's certainly worth your while. 

Runners up of the week:

Gatorade 50th Anniversary. Epic, epic commercial. Shoutout to the Franco Harris clip.
  This video about domestic abuse. 
You're my #1 Girl. This rocks. 
It's Cold. Jimmy Kimmel always gets me laughing aloud. 
LIZZIE MCGUIRE. Full Episodes. Yes, get the popcorn ready. 
Bell's Scotch Ad. We didn't see it here because it's a South African spot, but it's truly touching. 
News Bloopers 2014. This is a long one, but so so funny. 

Have a fabulous day! 

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Christine said...

Omg that first video! Time to get living my life!


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