Monday, January 5, 2015

What's On Netflix: The Wonder Years

Kevin Arnold, Winnie Cooper, Paul Pfieffer... I would basically consider them my BFF's because I finally just finished watching all 6 seasons of The Wonder Years on Netflix. 

The show premiered before I was even born in 1988 and ran through 1993 (I was 3). I remember watching some episodes with my mom years and years ago when it was in syndication on ABC Family (circa 2003ish). I'm a big fan of older shows with cheesy life lessons... case in point, I love love love Full House and could watch any episode over and over. I grew up with that show and it will forever be a favorite of mine. 
Anyways, all 6 season are available on Netflix and if you find yourself with some extra time, I highly suggest it. Each episode is only 30 minutes so it's easy to watch... plus, you don't have to be in deep concentration when watching (unlike with Homeland). I would watch an episode on my iPad when I would curl my hair or when I would write a blog post...sometimes I would even throw one on when I got ready in the mornings for work. 
The narration by Kevin Arnold (Fred Savage) is epic... the quotes from his narration are so good. Honestly, I'm not much of a crier at all... but the last episode of the entire series, I absolutely bawled. It was truly one of the best finales I've ever seen. It has so much Americana and includes a lot of history  and pop culture lessons throughout the years. The entire synopsis is based on Kevin Arnold growing up in suburbia from 1968-1973. It starts us out when Kevin is in middle school and then it takes us through his junior year of high school. My parents are a little younger than the age Kevin would be now, but I really like it, because I can see the type of time period that my parents lived through (great article from The New Yorker about this series). It also further solidifies my theory that I think I was most definitely born in the wrong time period. 
Watching the Wonder Years also really reminded me to appreciate the simple but most important things in life: family, friends, love, tradition, history, etc. It also touches a lot on growing up and coming of age scenarios. At 24, I feel like a huge part of me is still growing up, so I could really relate to a lot of the life lessons: especially the very last episode. Are you a Wonder Years fan?! Have a fabulous day! 

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Molly said...

I LOVE "The Wonder Years." I have distinct memories of watching it while it aired, although I was pretty young at the time. So many good memories and feelings related to this show.

Also, I just found out a few years ago that Daniel Stern (Marv in "Home Alone") voiced the narrator/grown-up Kevin. It blew my mind.


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