Thursday, January 15, 2015

Winter Layers ft. J. Crew Chateau Parka

sweater// pants
coat// flats
monogram necklace// sunglasses 
tote// scarf 

This weather is the pits. I hate to be a negative Nancy, because that is so not my personality, but really, anything below 30 is just the worst. 

However, I refuse to let the freezing cold make my outfits reflect the fact that I am less than happy about the whole weather situation. I wore this over the weekend-- normally I'd have gloves and booties/boots on, but since it was the weekend and I wasn't doing anything outside, this was fine. 

The coat is the real showstopper here (I wore it in grey, here). Not only because it is comfortable and flattering, but because it's warm. Normally a dressier wool coat doesn't keep me warm enough when it gets below 30 and I resort to my black puffer. However, this actually does the trick. The fur is faux, but still beautiful and doesn't cheapen the look of the coat. I also love that the fur is removable. The gold hardware adds a luxe finish to the coat and the big pockets are a major plus... they comfortably fit my iPhone 6. 

The next thing to note is the scarf. I've blogged about this scarf a dozen times already, but I really need to sing its praises once again. It's the softest cashmere and has the best lightweight weave, but still keeps me so warm. I wear it so much that I bought another one in the pale doe shade. These are also the scarves I always have with me on planes because they are so large they double as a blanket. I buy them in neutral colors so they work year round and with pretty much anything I'm wearing. You know how they calculate an apartments price per square foot? Well, I'm pretty sure the price per square inch of this cashmere scarf is way less than anything comparable-- it's the largest in area that I've found, not to mention, the least expensive. That's a big win in my book.... I have my eye on the striped one, next. 

How are you staying warm? Have a fabulous day! 


Laura said...

Love your diamond necklace. Do you mind sharing where I could find it?

Diane Umuhoza said...

Love the bag !

Christine said...

Love that parka - can it please appear in my closet right now? Also, that scarf is to die for!

Rachel said...

I love the sweater, the texture looks wonderful! I love your blog I read it everyday!

Jillian said...

Love this parka! Those delicate accessories are just too pretty as well!


Lauren said...

Love that sweater!


Unknown said...

The fur cape design of the coat is so lovely and the delicate necklace is really beautiful too! Great style!


Unknown said...

I absolutely love that coat - in black and grey - too cute!
xx Lexi @glitterinclexi | Glitter, Inc.


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