Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Work Out Outfit

Vest (old, similar)// Tee

I've been keeping up with my resolution to be more active. Certainly, no as much as I'd like, but I've been doing a sit up and plank 1 month challenge. It's super simple and it's not very intense, but it's good to keep me accountable daily even when I can't do much else in the way of physical activity. 

My sister, Callie, is a Lululemon addict and has been for years. She just recently converted me. I used to be so anti-leggings out in public, and anti- $90+ clothes that you sweat in... but seriously... these leggings have got to be the most comfortable thing on the face of this planet. I would wear them all day everyday if I could get away with it. They're warm and so stretchy and super super soft- I've already started a little collection and rotate between pairs during the week. 

I've also been using my Longchamp circa 2006 a lot more lately. It's great to keep folded up in my car, because I somehow end up with more stuff at the end of the day than what I started with. What do you wear to workout in? Are you a Lululemon fan? Have a fabulous day! 



Anonymous said...

You can't help but love the stylish clothes at Lululemon, but like you, I'm not a huge fan of charging $100 for sweatshirts...Old Navy active has cute and cheap workout clothes that I really love...if you hit the sales right, you can get some great deals!

Christine C said...

I agree $90+ for workout clothes is a bit much. I would honestly rather save the pricey workout clothes for quick errands to the bus stop, postoffice, etc. I recently started wearing/buying Zella live-in leggings at Nordstrom and love them.

Portuguese Prepster said...

This is a great work-out/ running errands look! Love your ponytail too!

Ellen | A Pop of Pink said...

I own two pairs of Lululemon leggings. I love them and am guilty of wearing them multiple times a week. This is a super chic workout outfit. You could definitely run errands or grab a coffee in this look too.

Ellen | A Pop of Pink

Heather Bien said...

I really wish Lululemon wasn't worth the price and didn't live up to the hype... but it really does! Once you start wearing the wunderunders, you seriously can't go back to anything else.

Vi Nguyen said...

I have a Lululemon sports bra that I bought maybe 2 years ago and although it's the most expensive sports bra I own its my favorite and I justify the price given how many times I reach for it versus all my other cheaper bras. Cost per wear = totally worth it.

Anonymous said...

Can you post the 1 month challenge and what you have to do every day?! That would be fabulous!


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