Monday, July 27, 2015

Cashmere Travel Wrap + Pink Pumps

I used to be a huge 'color' person... as I got older, I recognized that a good wardrobe consists of neutrals and basics with pops of color and prints here and there to add interest. Don't get me wrong, though, I do love a good, classic, Lilly or an obnoxious printed pant every once in a while, but for the most part, I'm pretty neutral day in and day out. 

I also think that has to do with being in an office setting 40 hours a week as well as living in a city. With that said, if you've been reading here even just for a few weeks, then you know I have a cashmere addiction.. ahem, I actually would prefer to call it a 'collection'. I'm always hunting for a great piece, because there is nothing I hate more than being cold. 

I went crazy over Club Monaco's Adele cashmere scarf. When they went on sale, they were a great buy, and also the biggest cashmere scarf in size for the price. Then, this happened. It is MASSIVE. Honestly, it's a cashmere blanket that's aptly named a cashmere travel wrap to make it acceptable to wear a blanket out in public. 

I took these photos quickly one night as I was headed to a friends house for a party. It had rained earlier so it was slightly chilly and I knew the party would be outdoors, so this cashmere travel wrap was the perfect thing. The pink pumps were probably not the best choice of footwear, but I had just gotten them and was dying to wear them! I got so many compliments. I love the pop of pink and think they'll also look really great with all black outfits. Everything I am wearing (besides my sunnies) are under $100! Did you scoop up this amazing cashmere wrap? Have a fabulous day! 


Jasmine Riel said...

This outfit is fantastic! And those shoes - THOSE shoes! Gorgeous.

Dana said...

Love this look. I couldn't agree more with the neutral wardrobe, especially within the real world - but I LOVE the idea of pop colors to make your looks more fun.

PS: Cashmere "collections" are a must!

Pink Champagne Problems

Erin said...

I love your cashmere collection! So great!

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