Friday, September 18, 2015

All Black: Halter + Pleated Leather Skirt

I get asked a lot what I wear 'out'... when people are asking, they are usually college/young 20-somethings who have expressed that they have a similar style as me and are always stuck when it comes to dressing for a night of going to different bars with their friends. 

I totally get that. In college, I used to borrow a lot of friend's/sorority sister's clothing because I'm honestly not great at dressing in that way! I think I did pretty good with those kinds of outfits in college, but now that I am in my mid-20's (oh my gosh, did I really just say that), I feel totally fine in my skin and sporting my own style. Even when I go to the younger bars, and bar hop all night with my friends like we are in college again, I still wear more conservative outfits. It's just what I like and feel most comfortable in. 

The above is an example of an outfit I would wear for a fun night out with friends-- or even for a weekend drink/dinner date! All black is chic and slimming and is instantly dressier than any other color. 

The leather skirt (last seen here) is slightly edgy but the length keeps things classy. The halter top is my FAVORITE. Seriously, all caps were necessary. I love backless everything, so this was a no brainer. As a tunic, it'll look fantastic over black pants when it gets chillier but works so nicely tucked into skirts for right now. At under $50, this was a no-brainer. I also have already washed it and I'm glad to report that it holds up well and doesn't hold a wrinkle, which is great for packing purposes. This runs true to size, possibly a touch big! What do you wear when you go out? Have a fabulous day! 


kristy said...

What type of bra would you recommend wearing under that halter top? Thank you so much. Love your style and your blog

Lauren said...

That dress is amazing!


Erin said...


Her Heartland Soul

Bobsphotography said...


Street Style City


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