Thursday, November 5, 2015

Lately 11/5

Reading: All the Light We Cannot See. I just got it this week and can't put it down! It's about a boy and girl during WWII and how their lives intertwine. It's so interesting with the historical references, but the author also paints a beautiful picture of each character. I'm about half of the way through now and every free second I get, I reach for the book!

Eating: This is a little weird... but I'm obsessed with Dubble Bubble gum. I try not to partake in my obsession because it is terrible for your teeth! However, since it was just Halloween, I bought a big bag and have been indulging. Cue the monkey covering his eyes emoji! 

Drinking: Coffee, coffee, and more coffee. Can you believe Starbucks already has their red cups?! Did you read this week's blog post all about brewing a great cup of coffee at home? 

Traveling: I'm in NYC today and then headed on a quick weekend getaway with Royal Caribbean on their Anthem of the Seas ship! Myself and some of my other blogger friends will be one of the first people getting to cruise around on this brand new ship, so I'm really excited! Be sure to follow along on snapchat: SummerWind41490 and Instagram (@SummerWind41490)! 

Wearing: Some of the items I've packed for my long weekend trip can be seen above. I can't wait to share some full outfit posts with you! It was interesting trying to pack for Manhattan and then for a cruise-- at least they're the same temperature! In New York, I'm staying at the Park Lane Hotel right on Central Park South. I've never stayed there before, but I've heard great things-- not to mention a room with stunning views of the park!!! I plan on going to Maison Kayser for breakfast (my favorite), Bergdorf's for lunch (and of course, shoe shopping) and strolling/shopping the UES/Central Park. We will be dining at Chic and American Icon Grill while on the ship--both are decently dressy. So I packed a lot of dressier neutrals that I can just layer and mix and match. 

Pittsburgh-ing: I just ordered Nutcracker tickets this week. I haven't seen the Nutcracker in years, so I am excited. Plus, who doesn't love the Benedum Center. I've also recently updated my Pittsburgh Restaurant Guide with some new favorites! 

Wanting: These are just some things I've been absolutely loving lately. After this week's post featuring the plaid midi skirt, I've been loving how elegant and ladylike they are. Perfect for the holiday season, right? My two favorites are this hot pink one and this jacquard one

Gifting: If you haven't noticed, I've added 2 scroll-through areas on the right sidebar. I will update them/add more as the holiday season continues. I've found so many fabulous Christmas/Holiday outfit ideas, and then there is a section for Stocking Stuffers where a lot of items could double as hostess gifts. I'll have New Year's Eve dress options up soon as well as more Christmas gift ideas! I'll also be rolling out gift guides starting tomorrow! If you have a gift guide request, be sure to let me know in the comments. You can see a sneak peek, here!

Watching: Hat's off to Nature Valley's brilliant #RediscoverNature campaign. Companies are continually having to be inventive when it comes to advertising and I think Nature Valley really hit the nail on the head with this one. Cell phones and computers weren't a huge part of my life as a 90's child. I will admit, I do remember spending countless hours in my neighbor's basement, all of us gathered around the TV playing Mario Party and Mario Kart on N64. But for the most part, growing up, my sister and I would knock on our neighbor's doors and we would all get together for a game of tag, hide and go-seek, cops and robbers, sledding, bikes, rollerblades... anyone remember moon shoes and skip-it!? I remember my mom would have to yell out for us when it was time to come home for dinner. Ahh that was the life! 


DC Girl in Pearls said...

I'm going to have to add this book to the growing pile of "Books To Read" on my nightstand!

Have fun on the cruise!

- Lauren

Lauren said...

I am in love with that red plaid travel bag!


Jasmine Riel said...

Now that I work at a library, I've been loving posts with book recs! Gonna have to add that one to my list!

Jasmine | The Sixth Disney Princess

christina said...

Happy Monday! I hope you enjoyed your weekend. I was wondering if you size up in the RL cashmere cable sweater for pairing with leggings (to cover up the bum)? You and I wear about the same size and I cannot decide if i should buy my usual small or size up to a medium...Thank you in advance for your help!

Summer Wind said...

Hi Christina!

Thank you! I buy them in all different sizes. For leggings, I size up-- they don't necessarily cover the bum entirely, but they cover enough to wear them with leggings-- it fits somewhat like an oversized sweatshirt. To wear with jeans and a button down, I just get a small, though! Hope this helps :)

christina said...

Thanks Love <3. I don't mean to be such a copy cat but I truly love your sense of style! I for the most part hate going to to the store to shop and enjoy online shopping (hence all the sizing questions). Thank you for always helping out!!! much love xo


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