Saturday, November 14, 2015

My Favorite Christmas Pajamas

I'm a self proclaimed pajama hoarder. In high school and even sometimes in college, I'd wear shorts and a cheerleading or sorority t-shirt to bed, but as I get older and have more of a disposable income for 'little luxuries', it's so nice to get into bed every night in a fresh pair of matching pajamas! In the summertime, I really love little camisole dresses, but in the winter, I get way too cold for that. 

Every year, for Christmas, my mom, sister and I get matching pajamas for us to all wear on Christmas eve night and into Christmas morning. It's such a fun tradition and looking back on the pictures each year is so wonderful.  

The weekend before Christmas, I am taking my mom, dad and sister to DC to stay at the Willard Hotel as my Christmas present to them! This year, I bought the three of us this set to wear that weekend. I can't wait! Spending the weekend together in one of my favorite cities will be a blast. Above are some of my favorite holiday pajamas... I just had to include the fun sleep masks. Ever since college, I can't sleep without a sleep mask, so I'm always looking for cute ones. The reindeer is a little ridiculous, but would be so cute for little girls!

I also think pajamas make really great gifts. They're often times something that people don't buy for themselves, so receiving a pair is always nice. Not to mention, you can never have too many pajamas, so it's a 'safe' gift for everyone on your list! 

Do you wear matching pajamas to bed? Do you have any fun holiday traditions? Have a fabulous day! 


Jubilee said...

You need this eye mask!

Unknown said...

I love these pajamas! There is just something that makes me feel so put together when I'm wearing a matching set of pajamas!

Jordan @


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