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Bella Lash Extensions at Fluhme Glam Bar

bella lash eyelash extensions

Last week I headed to my appointment at Fluhme Glam Bar in Warrendale, PA to get eyelash extensions. For those who don't know about lash extensions, it may sounds slightly ridiculous. I was skeptical at first. However, I am now a major believer! 

Fluhme Glam Bar Pittsburgh Pennsylvania

I had not heard of Fluhme Glam Bar before, but as soon as I got there, I knew it was a place I would love. If you are familiar with Pittsburgh, it's in the same complex as Off the Hook in the North Hills! The concept is not new, but is definitely new to Pittsburgh. It's a salon with just about any type of service you can imagine. From mani/pedis to eyelash extensions, they do it all... and in a very chic space! 

I know a few friends who have eyelash extensions and I've always thought they look so gorgeous. So, when Bella Lash reached out to me to try out their extensions, I said why not! I've really been taking the survey feedback that you all provided to heart and many of you said you admire how confident I am. It was extremely flattering (thank you!), but I can assure you, I am not confident 24/7! One of my insecurities is that I have small eyes. Not that it is something that keeps me up at night, but it's always something that has bothered me!

I've receied a ton of questions about the process and how it works, so I will give you the full rundown! I went into a private room with Brittany-- who was the absolute sweetest! And laid on a table similar to a massage table. You lay on your back  with your eyes closed for about 1.5 to 2 hours. Which is a long time, but totally allows for napping! There are different lengths of lashes you can choose and Brittany chose to mix in B and C. B is a natural looking lash and C is a little curlier. 

As you lay there, the technician puts gel eye pads underneath your eyes. This is slightly uncomfortable, but not too bad at all and you get used to it quickly. After this step, you don't open your eyes until the entire process is over. You cannot have any eyemakeup on, so Brittany removed any traces of product and cleansed the lashes. Then she literally glues 1 lash at a time to your current lashes. The lash is glued as close to the base of your eye as possible so it looks very natural. There was no discomfort throughout the entire process. It was very smooth and easy. 

Bella Las Eyelash Extensions Review

Once your lashes are applied, you cannot get them wet for a full 24 hours to ensure enough time for the glue to fully dry and must use products without oil. Bella Lash makes eye makeup specifically for those with eyelash extensions. 

I will caution you: these are your eyes!!! If you have allergies or any hesitations, be sure to ask questions. Also, be sure to find a professional! This is a very specific skill/process so making sure that the person working around your eyes is qualified is extremely important. Bella Lash helped me to find a reputable salon in Pittsburgh and that is how I found Fluhme Glam Bar

So here's the best part: you literally do not have to wear any eye makeup. And you know the saying 'I woke up like this'? That's what I feel like when I roll out of bed every morning! I wake up, forget that I have the extensions until I look in the mirror and leave my house in the morning entirely skipping the makeup process. During the weekends, I wear face makeup, but during the week? Nope! 

I was slightly worried before I had them applied that they would look fake. And thankfully, they look shockingly natural. I think that you could potentially over-do them.. just like in any makeup situation, but Brittany made sure they looked totally natural. 

And if you've ever wondered how your favorite celebrities look so gorgeous in photos? Or how the Victoria's Secret model's makeup is always flawless? Well, they all have lash extensions! 

They last around 3 weeks. The upfront cost is a bit pricey (it varies depending on where you live/what salon you go to), but after the first application, the cost reduces significantly because you get them refilled rather than starting from square one again! It also takes much less time after your initial application. Bella Lash generously covered my first trip and after my experience I will definitely be a repeat customer! 

I think if eyelash extensions aren't something that you would want to keep up with all the time, it would be the perfect thing to do for important ocassions. Definitely the best idea ever for your wedding or in any other situation where you are being photographed or filmed. I also think they would be perfect for a vacation. Since you don't have to wear makeup, you will still look glamorous hanging out on the beach, swimming in a pool, skiing, etc. They make my eyes pop SO much more in photos, and make me look more awake. And the best part? When you get home at night, you don't have any makeup to remove!

Have you ever tried eyelash extensions?! 


Maureen said...

Just started a few months ago and am obsessed! so easy and totally worth the cost!

Dana said...

I'm obsessed with getting lash extensions - at my place they give you a foot massage too! I've never worn make up (with the exception of mascara and lip stick), so this is a great way to make me feel a little more glam! Next time I go I'm definitely thinking about getting a slightly more dramatic set!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Sydney! Long time reader, here. I just have to tell you that I too, have small eyes and have always been insecure about it. I was even teased in grammar school (who wasn't?). My fellow classmates would always ask me to open my eyes as wide as I could and then laugh when I would try. Fast forward many is the feature that I get the most compliments on. I'm constantly told that I have exotic eyes. Maybe because they are green and almond shaped? I don't know, but I'll take it. T. Swift also has little eyes, so we're in good company. ;)

christina said...

What a great post. I always wondered what exactly they do to get them looking so amazing. Thanks for sharing the process. I guess my major concern would be an allergic reaction to the glue on my eyelid. I might try this as a birthday treat or right before a summer vacation since I like to wear as little makeup as possible when by the pool or beach. You look beautiful with or without them. Thanks for sharing!

iBreak Greece said...

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Unknown said...

Your eyelashes look great! I read that when you got your extensions you no longer had to wear mascara, do you have extensions on your bottom lashes too (because your bottom eyelashes look amazing in these photos)? I tried enlarging your photo to see if it looked more like mascara or extensions, but your lashes look so natural that I can’t tell! Thanks for sharing!

Summer Wind said...

Unknown, in the first image, I am not wearing mascara on my bottom lashes, the other images, I am wearing mascara on my bottom lashes! Definitely, don't get extensions on your bottom lashes!

Day-to-day I don't wear mascara at all, but if I'm getting dressed up or something like that, I usually put mascara on my bottom lashes!


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