Monday, February 1, 2016

Neutral Spring/Summer Shoes

Happy February everyone! For today's post we are thinking SPRING! Early last spring, I wore out my favorite pair of neutral wedges for the spring/summer months. I couldn't find a pair that I loved, so I went for a super inexpensive pair to hold me over until I found 'the ones'. Towards the end of the summer, that pair broke. Needless to say, I actually need a pair of dressier neutral shoes for the summer months! I have already been hunting down pairs I love and bookmarking them until I make my decision.

My philosophy on summer shoes is that I buy a quality pair at the beginning of the season and wear them to death all summer long. Usually, summer shoes aren't made as well as winter shoes because they are made from materials like cork, canvas, straw, etc. so they never end up lasting me years like my other shoes do. With that said, because I really only wear one pair all summer long, it has to be neutral and comfortable!

Today I am sharing the pairs I have been loving so far. Which pairs from above are your favorite? Do you have a neutral summer shoe that you suggest I check out? Currently, I am loving this pair and this pair the most. I also really love this pair (especially the under $100 price tag!!). 


Erin said...

I love neutral shoes! These are all so pretty!

Her Heartland Soul

Lauren said...

I wish all of these would magically appear in my closet right now! Lovely finds!



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