Friday, July 29, 2016

Lilly Pulitzer Rosalina Strapless Maxi Dress on Martha's Vineyard

Lilly Pulitzer Rosalina Strapless Maxi Dress on Martha's Vineyard

straw tassel tote and lilly pulitzer rosalina strapless maxi dress

lilly pulitzer dress at Summercamp hotel on Martha's Vineyard

Straw Tassel Tote (similar less pricey)// Sunglasses 

If there ever was a comfy maxi dress, this is it. One part gorgeous and elegant and one part soooo comfortable (it feels like pajamas)! This is one of those must-have pieces for any of your travels. Not only is it insanely comfortable (it's a nice, thick, stretchy fabric), but it doesn't wrinkle in a suitcase. So you can just throw it on and go-- which, in my opinion, is the best kind of outfit. It says to hand wash on the site and on the washing instructions, but I tossed it in my washing machine and it held up perfectly! As for sizing, it runs true to size (I'm in a size small).

I wore this maxi dress for our first night out in Martha's Vineyard. There's a backstory to this that is quite dramatic (I'm being semi-sarcastic, here). I had flown PIT-BOS, which ended up being cancelled, so I had to fly out on a different (later) flight. Then I flew BOS-MVY via Cape Air. If you've ever flown Cape Air or any airline that consists of puddle jumpers, then you know how small the cargo area can be. This time, there were only 4 people on my flight and they told me I could sit right in the copilot seat. Yeah, it was that small. As I landed on Martha's Vineyard, I waited for my luggage in the tiny little area, and it never came. I went to the desk and just as I had thought, they lost my luggage.

So, by the time my luggage made it back to me, I had been in my same clothes for about 20 hours. My entire morning was about as comical as could be. At one point, I just laughed at myself because of how ridiculous it was. I will say,  I've never been happier to put on a different outfit than I was when I finally got my luggage back. This maxi dress could not have been a better choice, either. So comfortable and easy breezy. We shot these photos on the porch of the Summercamp Hotel, and also right across the street. The wraparound porch was so lovely to relax on, especially in the mornings and sip our coffee (it was free when you stay at Summercamp!). Our rooms overlooked the harbour and it was so much fun to see the boats coming in and out of their slips.

Besides my maxi dress, the Lilly Pulitzer new arrivals are absolutely killing it. I am obsessed with the new Get Trunky print. Blue hues are my weakness and this print is just too cute. I am specifically dying over this romper.  Too cute, right?


Dana said...

This maxi is perfect on you! Love how you accessorized it too :) PS: Your travel story is legit my worst nightmare! Glad you could laugh about it!

Pink Champagne Problems

Unknown said...

LOVING that bag! So cute.

xx Kathryn

Chic in Carolina said...

This dress looks gorgeous on you, Sydney! Love it!



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