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Lately 8/18/2016

Announcing: OH SHIFT! Who’s ready for the Lilly Pulitzer After Party Sale?! I have all the details because Lilly is leaking the info to several bloggers! It is set to go live in-stores and online on August 22nd and 23rd. I’m spilling more juice about the sale on Sunday so follow along on Instagram (@SummerWind41490)! Be sure to check out the sale page FAQ to get prepared!

Wearing: These are two photos from the late in late July. I love wearing all-white and continue to do so even in the wintertime. This is a great and easy outfit for the last few summer days. I also wear the sweater with dark jeans in early fall and continue to wear the white shorts throughout September!

Wearing II: This is what I wore out on Saturday night. I had some friends over for cocktails, then we headed to Station for dinner, and then to the bars in Shadyside. It was so hot, so minimal clothing was definitely necessary! This skirt is on major sale and these gray bow sandals (heeled) are so comfortable and beyond cute!

Drinking: I can't remember if I have ever suggested this bottle of wine, but it is Joel Gott cabernet sauvignon 2013. It's in most state stores and runs around $15ish a bottle. It is SO good for the price. It can really hold its own against $50/$60 bottles! I definitely recommend it!

Wanting: Not a whole lot on my list this week, just some random items! 

Watching: I just watched The American President. It's free if you have Amazon Prime. I love a good late '80's/early '90s movie and this is a great one. It's a drama/romance and stars Michael Douglas and Annette Bening. It's basically a love story of the president dating/falling in love (his wife had died while in office)... I won't say any more, watch for yourself!

Watching III: Should I rename this post 'Watching'? I've just seen some really great stuff around the internet this week! This ad by Under Armor is amazing. I not only think the message is powerful, but the cinematography is beautifully shot. It just goes to show how inspiring an ad can be without shoving the brand's logo in the audience's face.

Pittsburgh-ing: This weekend I went to a new-to-me restaurant, Station. It is located right on Liberty Avenue in Bloomfield. It has a really cool pub-style atmosphere with large bar area and then a separate dining area. Slightly hipster, slightly industrial, but overall a really cozy, cool atmosphere. A full bar with plenty of unique, craft cocktails to choose from, too. I just had a gin and tonic which was perfectly good. I got the burger, which was a 'safe' choice for me, but my goodness was this a great burger. It was topped with asiago fondue, an onion ring, cooked to perfection beef, and then also had an onion jam. So, so good. The fries were perfect and came with a side of aioli that tasted like mustard seed and mayo. Yum. Definitely a great spot worth checking out if you are in Pittsburgh!

Recommending: Sorry for the terrible photo/no makeup pic, but I just had to include this because it's too good not to. These skinny jeans are from Old Navy and were on sale for just $15. They have a ton of other washes and fits and the fit on every pair I tried are incredible. I swear by a certain style of True Religion jeans, but they run around $200. These $15 jeans are totally comparable to my favorite $200 jeans. I definitely recommend them. I'll be styling a different pair in a blog post coming up in a few weeks, so keep an eye out for that! They run big. I typically wear a 27 in almost all denim, which equates to a size 4, but wear a size 2 in all of their jeans!

Reading: Carly wrote an awesome article about our girls' trip to Martha's Vineyard on Glitter Guide! She recapped all of our favorites into one easy to digest guide. Such a great article, bravo, Carly!

Listening: I've shared my August playlist plenty this month. I've still been adding songs to it, but this week, my focus was on the playlist you see above. My girlfriends and I organized a 'party peddler' for a group of our friends. It kind of looks like a trolley that you'd see in San Francisco, but inside, there are seats for a bunch of people. You rent the entire trolley and your group literally pedals the trolley like a bike. It sounds a little odd, and that's because it is, but it's really popular in Pittsburgh. We are doing it tonight and I'm so excited. You get to pedal all over the north shore/downtown Pittsburgh, which will be extra fun because there is a pre-season Steeler game tonight! And then, in the middle of the trolley, there is a bar, so you can literally have cocktails as you pedal. Such a novelty, right? But it's a fun group, so it's sure to be a great time! I made this playlist specifically for our party peddler, but I have to say this is one of my best playlists ever. It's got such a good mix. Everything from classic rock, to rap, to Motown, to 90's pop is on this playlist. Everything is upbeat and they're all crowd pleasers. Definitely a great playlist for any type of fun party you are arranging!

Quoting: 'None of us want to be in calm waters all our lives.' // Find more of my favorite quotes here.

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Love your Saturday night outfit - that skirt is adorable!

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