Friday, August 12, 2016

Preppy in a Navy Shift Dress

Lilly Pulitzer Emery Shift Dress

lilly pulitzer shift dress

talbots wicker woven handbag

lilly pulitzer shift dress and jack rogers sandals

preppy lilly pulitzer outfit

One of my favorite styles of clothing, worn often by Jackie O, is the timeless shift dress. I have so many in my closet and it's usually the cut of dress that I gravitate towards when looking for a new wardrobe staple. 

Lilly Pulitzer is definitely a brand who makes the absolute most perfect shift dresses. Most women's brands make this popular cut of a dress, but there are few who do it superbly. When you think of Lilly, you think of bright, fun, summery prints, right? Of course! But, I think what some people don't realize is how many non-print options they offer. Since I live in a city, not on a beach or in a resort town, I sometimes feel a bit 'much' all dolled up in a print, but something like a classic navy shift is perfect for work or a dinner date. So if you find yourself straying from Lilly because you are not a fan of prints, I totally urge you to try out their neutral shifts because the fit is everything!

For sizing info, I pretty much stick with a 2 in dresses. They're cut true to size, but I find that you should err on the smaller side rather than the larger (if you are between sizes) just because the smaller looks much less frumpy and is more slimming/figure flattering.
I've rounded up some more of my Lilly favorites in the widget above. I've said this before but I just love their newest print, Get Trunky (and how cute is this caftan that shares my name?!)!  

Other Lilly Looks from This Summer:


Unknown said...

Really pretty outfit! Sophie x

petiteinherheels said...

I love the Lilly shift dress, this shift is so classy in the navy!
xoxo Kelsey

Lauren said...



Unknown said...

Love Lilly and ESPECIALLY love this dress. It's stunning on you!

xx Kathryn


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