Tuesday, August 9, 2016

The Little Things in Life

I wrote a post over 2 years ago (seriously, where does the time go?!) about appreciating even the littlest things in life. In that post I let you all know that I like to keep a note in my phone where I collect all of my little 'happy' moments that I come across. It's nice to be able to review the list when my day is less than stellar. Reminding myself of even the smallest bits of happiness always cheer me up. Keeping a list also reminds me to appreciate and seek out all of those great bits and pieces of life that may get lost or overlooked when faced with the monotony of everyday life. Today I'm sharing some more of my little moments with you in hopes that they may put a smile on your face. I hope you'll share some of your favorite little moments with me, too! 

When you're on the phone with someone and can hear the smile in their voice. 

A hot shower after a long day of skiing.

The sound of a cork popping off of a bottle of champagne. 

Cookie dough scent wafting from the oven. 

Holding the door open for someone. 

When the priest says 'this mass has ended, go in peace.'

Frank Sinatra music. 

When you try on a dress you think is too small and it fits 'just right'. 

Saying I love you. 

The steam rising from a hot tub. 

An ice cold fountain coke. 

Taking your hair down after wearing it up all day. 

When you hear 'and the kick is good' on game day. 

When the sun makes the water 'sparkle'. 

The perfect parallel parking job. 

When you smell something you haven't smelled in a while and it brings back great memories.

Walking down a grand staircase in a gown. 

The scent of sunscreen. 

Dancing in your kitchen.

When the air conditioner is turned down low and you're buried under piles of blankets. 

The sound of chatter and laughter from a distance at a large party. 

New pajamas. 

The warm, flickering, universally flattering glow from candlelight. 

Perfectly cleaned glasses lenses. 

A dress that twirls. 

When it's thundering and your dog becomes extra cuddly. 

The clinking of glasses after a great toast.

Dinner on vacation with wet hair and no makeup. 

The first bite of watermelon during the summer season. 

Having absolutely no weekend plans. 

A slice of pizza at midnight after a night out. 

Impromptu Sunday fundays.


Katrin said...

You've just brighten up my day - as you do so often. Thank you very much, Sydney! Lots of Love from Germany

Ashley said...

I absolutely loved this post! I am totally going to start a list in my phone! Some of my favorite little things are clean sheets after a long day and a successfully completed to-do list.

Ashley // MyWellDressedLife.com


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