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Skincare Favorites/Reviews and How I Organize My Products

Skincare Favorites and How I Organize My Products

shiseido ibuki gentle cleanser review

Tula Exfoliating Mask and Clarisonic Mia Fit

glamglow youthmud mask review
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I've been trying out a ton of new products lately that I have fallen in love with. They're all definitely worth sharing. I've been working on this post for a while, particularly because I always like to try a product for at least 2 weeks, if not for an entire month before I share. That's because it takes about 2 weeks for my skin to react to the product and about a month for me to tell if it's working and worth the price. 

Everyone's skin is different, so these products may not be best/work for everyone. My skin is combination/normal when it comes to dry/oily temperament. My skin is insanely sensitive. If I use a new product that my skin doesn't agree with, it freaks out. Which is kind of why I am hesitant to try new things. I'm also very prone to breakouts, so I typically look for things without specific ingredients like dimethicone and alcohol. 

Below, I will go through product by product and explain each one as well as link to where to buy it! I'd love if you would share your favorite products in the comments! I am always looking to try out new things. Also, this is a long post, so scroll to the bottom to see how I store all of these products in a small space! 

I've been using the Mia Fit for over 2 months now. It was included in the Nordstrom Anniversary sale, but is still available, here. I'm honestly not sure how I lived without this. It's so awesome to use while in the shower, you just press the button and move it around your face with your favorite face cleanser. I also love using it at night before bed with my favorite cleanser, especially because it's easy to glide around my face but also never gets my eyelash extensions wet, which is something you are supposed to avoid (I think only people who have ever had eyelash extensions will appreciate/understand this!). The bottom line is that it makes my face feel super clean and gently exfoliates, plus, it's great/easy to travel with! 

This is such a game-changer when it comes to skin cleansers. My friend recommended this cleanser . It's somewhat pricey, but after using it for about 2 months, this is totally worth it--especially because you only have to use a tiny amount. I typically use this in conjunction with my Clarisonic while in the shower. It works up to a really nice lather, has a very pleasant/fresh scent, and leaves my skin feeling rejuvenated and soft. It's also good to note that I use this every other or ever two days just because I think it really deep cleans my skin and would be too over the top for everyday use. 

Tula just sent me some of their products to try out and to say I am obsessed with the entire brand would be an understatement. Tula was created by a gastroenterologist and the thing that sets apart the brand from other skincare lines is that they contain probiotics. I am such a believer in probiotics. I take one every single day (I swear by this brand) and am truly convinced it keeps me healthy (it's especially the best when traveling). The cleanser is a light, but thick gel and has a very light lather. I use it daily in the morning and at night. It's gentle enough for every day use and never dries out my skin!

I mentioned it in this post, here, but cannot sing its praises enough. I typically use this cream in the mornings after washing my face. It's really light, non-greasy, and goes on easily (it almost feels like a gel, rather than a cream). It's also quickly absorbed my skin, so I can put my makeup on immediately afterward! This has never made my skin breakout. 

This is my skincare VIP from Tula and probably my most favorite product on this entire list. It's a day and night cream, but I love it especially at night. The texture of the cream is very smooth and dense, but goes on light and feels wonderful. I put it all over my face after I have cleansed my face and applied this toner. It doesn't make me break out, smells wonderful (but very light scent!), and every morning, I truly think my skin looks better than it did the night before. 

This was one of the first Mario Badescu products that I tried. I had read a lot of really great things about Glycolic acid and how it is a great, gentle exfoliator. I had also never used toner before, so I thought I would try this out. I'm now on my second bottle and use it every other night. It's great at picking up anything else left on your face after cleansing! 

These little masks for under your eyes are ideal for travel, mornings after little sleep, and hungover mornings. I use them sparingly because they are so pricey, but they definitely work. I especially like to wear them while I'm doing my hair so it's like multi-tasking or whenever I am on the tail end of a long flight. I keep mine in the fridge for the extra cooling effect and always keep a packet in my travel bag.

This makes you feel like you just had a facial and it definitely makes for a fun girl's night activity. It's expensive, no doubt, but I've bought 3 jars in the past year, so that should tell you something about how much I love it. It literally sucks dirt out of your pores and you can see it working... kind of gross, but once you take it off, you'll be amazed. I do this about 1-2 times a week!

This clay mask is a new favorite that I'm now using once a week. It's a very gentle exfoliator but also a great clay mask that really rids your skin of impurities. After about 10-15 minutes, I remove it and my skin feels clean and refreshed without feeling dry or tight. 

I keep this in the shower and use it when my face is extra dry or peeling. It works wonders and is gentle enough for daily use, but I just prefer to use it sparingly. I especially love to use it when I am going to wear a full face of makeup because it really preps your skin making it extremely smooth and rid of any dead skin. 

I've used the sensitive hydrogel mask, the firmarine hydrogel mask, and the detoxifying hydrogel mask and really liked them all. However, my favorite is definitely the sensitive hydrogel mask. It is a sheet mask that comes in multiple pieces so it better fits to your face. I leave the masks on my face for about 20-30 minutes while I watch TV/write a blog post and they never make me break out. The sensitive skin mask definitely hydrates my skin and does it quickly. I think these will be especially great to have on hand during the dry winter months. 

Don't let the name fool you-- there is nothing 'lotion' about this product. However, it works miracles. I put it on a zit/blemish at nighttime and it literally disappears overnight. It's a little unsightly, so you want to put it on seconds before you go to bed and then wash it off immediately when you rise. If you have problem/acne prone skin, this is a holy-grail must-have. 

This is another holy-grail product from Mario Badescu (this is seriously my favorite skincare line). Again, nothing 'lotion-y' about it, but you just shake it up and apply on troubled spots-- you know those spots where there may be a lump/you can feel something starting? It nips it in the bud and makes it disappear quicker. It's even light enough that you can put it underneath your makeup. 

monogram hand towel

Now onto how I store all of these products. I live in a pretty small space, but luckily, I have a large bathroom 'closet' where my washer/dryer is and lots of shelving. I also got a large plastic chest of drawers where I keep tons of extra beauty products/supplies/etc. on the floor of the closet. I really store most everything in there, however, I keep the products I use most often on this little shelf that my dad installed for me. I don't have a medicine cabinet, but instead a really great, large mirror above my sink. My countertop space is pretty nice, but I don't like clutter, so this little shelf is perfect for keeping things together and right at my reach. 

I also wanted to install the shelf because it has a towel bar. I wanted an extra bar above the toilet to hang a guest towel. I was laying the towel on the counter of the sink when guests would come, but this looks so much nicer. I also had the tissues sitting on the back of the sink on a pretty silver tray, however, moving the tissues to the shelf gave me room to put pretty flowers in a bud vase on the silver tray!


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