Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Tweed Coat and Shift Dress for Fall

The other day I was in the car with my two girlfriends and one asked if we could pick any era/time period to live in, which would we choose. I didn't even have to think for two seconds because I've always thought I was born in the wrong time period. I love the '40s-'60s...everything from the clothes to decor, I just can't get enough. 

One of my all-time favorite shows, Bewitched, was filmed in the '60s, and I definitely consider Samantha Stevens (Elizabeth Montgomery) a style icon, as well as Jackie O, Grace Kelly, Catherine Deneuve, Jean Shrimpton, etc. One of my favorite photographers, Slim Aarons, shot a lot of his images during the 1950's and '60s, and some of my favorite movies ever, High Society (1956), Funny Face (1957), Rear Window (1954), Sabrina (1954), are from that time period. I have an entire board on Pinterest dedicated to this time period... and don't even get me started on the music. I could go on for days about Frank Sinatra (Summer Wind was released in 1966!), and the rest of the rat pack. Swoon.

So when Sail to Sable came out with their fall line, I was filled with excitement to see so many classic pieces with slight design nods to the '60s. Think tweed fabrics, shift dresses, car coats, and more. One of the things I think that there isn't enough of in fashion today is a coat/dress combo. If you look back at fashion/styles of the past, women had so many beautiful coats. But one of my favorite things is when a coat and dress match exactly. It's so chic, simple, put together, and classic.

As soon as I put on this gorgeous tweed dress and coat, I immediately felt like a 2016 version of Jackie O. It's an effortless elegance. With all of the distressed denim, crop tops, and trends of today, to me, this look is absolutely refreshing. And as much as I love them paired together, they pair equally as well as separates, too. The dress is great on its own, especially right now as it is too warm for a coat. But the coat looks amazing with dark-wash denim, a white button down and ballet flats, for a very casual, laid-back look. 


Laura said...

Beautiful and feminine look! A love a lot of the styles from that time period as well, so streamlined and classic! Thanks for sharing!

Laura | Laura Aime Vous

Unknown said...

This is ADORABLE! I love the combo!

MaggieMcCurdy said...

Such a lovely set! Would you be able to comment on Sail to Sable sizing? I have a number of pieces in my shopping cart but am nervous they may run larger/smaller than anticipated. Thank you!!

Anonymous said...

Your love of that time period reflects on your blog and that is why I love it so much. We watched High Society this weekend as a matter of fact. Adorable outfit!!!

Casey said...

Cute, but a little too short for my tastes. Is there a decent hem depth on it so it could be let down?

Chic in Carolina said...

This dress is so cute, perfect for fall!



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