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The Best of 2016: Lip Colors

Each year I do the best of 2016 makeup products (you can see last year's, here). I'm also constantly getting questions about what products I use. I don't post too often about beauty, but I am going to try and make more of an effort to do so in 2017 because I know many are interested! 

Truth be told, I'm not super into beauty products or makeup. My sister, Callie, is really into makeup and she watches a ton of YouTube videos on the best ways to apply the products. It definitely benefits me because she keeps me in the loop!

However, I get sent a ton of beauty products to test out. It's a ton of fun and I'm always willing to try anything and everything! Not to mention, it's fun to share things I truly love and believe in (because there are a whole lot of dud makeup products out there to weed through!!). I feel like my routine during the week is pretty low-maintenance, but I kick it up a few notches when doing some blog photos or when going out on the weekends! 

This year, I am going to group everything into categories. I'm also not going to include any drugstore makeup within the posts. I'll have a 'best of drugstore' post up this week that features all of those products, so stay tuned! Today is all about my favorite lip colors! I have drawers full of lip colors. Sometimes, I feel like I've tried them all. But there are definitely my favorites. Whether it's because of the color or the formula, here are my tried and true favorites of 2016! 
the best lip colors for everyone
Shop the lip colors here:

Buxom Lip Cream// You can also find it here.  This brand of lip gloss is some of my favorite. It's somewhat minty so it has a plumping quality to it and it's so creamy and easy to apply. The colors are rich and pigmented. I personally love the shades berry blast and cherry flip. I wear these daily, but they are not long-wear so you have to reapply often. 

Chanel Rouge Coco// My favorite lipstick. My go-to everyday shade is 430 Marie. It's a creamy, pink. I actually think it's the exact shade of my lips so it just enhances it enough for daywear. It's a 'regular' lipstick, but I find that it wears longer than other basic lipsticks! 

Aveda nourish-mint lip color// This is a true lipstick with the best mint flavor just like the gloss. I have it in several colors but my favorites are 950 carnelian red (which is a bright, very pigmented red) and 733 cherrybud (which is a step down from carnelian red). It lasts forever and feels really good on my lips. 

YSL Rouge Pur Couture// This is one of my favorite lip colors (09 Rose Stiletto). It's very similar to the Chanel color I have, but I find that this goes on smoother. I'm also a sucker for the beautiful gold packaging.

Urban Decay Lipgloss// Failbait is my favorite shade (and it's currently on major sale for just $11). It's one of those glosses I have a few of (all in the same color) and keep in my car, handbag, desk drawer, etc. It's easy to swipe on without a mirror, creamy and hydrating but the color is pigmented. It's not as glossy as a typical lip gloss, which I like! 

Chanel Rouge Coco Stylo// This is one that I have a love-hate relationship with. The color (214 Message) is INCREDIBLE. Seriously, it's the best true red there ever was. It's super creamy and hydrating and almost feels like you're applying chapstick. And while that feels great, it also makes it really hard to apply. So I only put this on when I have time to 'take my time' on my lips. It's just such a good color, which is why it's making the list! 

Aveda nourish-mint// My mom got my sister and I this gloss as our first lip color ever when we were younger! I specifically remember us being in Atlanta and going into the Aveda store and her letting us get a very neutral shade. Since then, I've always been a fan of Aveda products. My favorite shade now that I am an 'adult'  is 953 chuparosa. I find it to be pigmented enough for both day and night, it's super shiny and minty! 

Aveda nourish-mint liner// This is THE BEST liner! It's within the nourish-mint line and pairs well with most of my really bright red lip colors. When I want to get super dolled up, I will line my lips and fill it in with the pencil and then go over it with lip color. 

Mac Lip Pencil// I use this with the Mac Twig lip color. It's a very neutral color great for everyday wear. I find that when I use this pencil, it makes Mac's Twig lip color stay on much longer! 

Mac Lipstick// The shade Twig is one of the most popular Mac colors. I'm not a fan of the nude lip, but this is borderline nude with a touch of earthy pink! It's easy to apply, long-wearing, and decently inexpensive!

Chanel Rouge Coco Shine// My friend, Kim, introduced me to this color. It's one of those colors you could apply in the dark with no mirror and it would still look great. It's neutral with a slight shimmer to it! It looks great on its own or overtop of another color. 

Giorgio Armani Rouge Ecstacy// This is one of my newest favorites. My friend Aly actually picked it out for me and she was right on! I wear shade 200. It's a very pigmented deep red. It stays on forever and it's pretty easy to apply considering it's a long-wear, matte color. 

Chantecaille Lip Definer// If you can't tell from this list, I really like very neutral lip liners. I never use liners to line my lips, but rather, I outline my lips and then color them in! This is a great shade when I don't want to wear anything on my lips. It stays put and looks very natural! 

Tarte Lipsurgence// The shade (exquisite) is really hard to come by. I ended up having to order it via Amazon. But it's so creamy and the absolute perfect neutral shade. I love it so much!


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Love all of these and Chanel makes such great lipsticks!


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Great article, love it. BTW I’ve just written this post on how to get perfect nails and thought you would like it :O)


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